Haircuts: 2016 Trends

The hair is one of the most important parts of the woman’s body. He needs great care as moisturizing , queratinizações, capillary reconstruction, among others. Healthy eating is also essential. And of course a nice cut is important to enhance the shape of your face and also to your beauty.

The year 2016 asks lightness. In addition, the short and very short cuts will continue.Wires to give greater balance to the peaked hair ideas for this first half of the year.Below is what the major trends in court not to err on the scissors.

Short and very short hair


Besides giving a modern look, stripped and laid back, the short cuts and quickly became functional with our tropical climate. With this heat, have short hair is very handy. But beware: If you are not of the most daring, it’s best to leave that kind of side cut.

A new Court called New Pixie is giving that talk and walk a lot in the head of the famous. He’s like a Johnny, but with uneven bangs and layered falling in the forehead.

At the height of the shoulder


This is middle ground for those who do not want to radicalise with a cut to Johnny style, but also wants to change some visual. You can create several cool hairstyles for day to day or for parties. Make a cut greater lightness yarn promotes peaked and at the time of the heat, just hold.

The Long Bob grew up


He is a little below the shoulder. Ideal for those who want changes, but like to have longer streaks. It is also known as medium slicing and its characteristic size, 4 fingers below the clavicle. A good idea is to let the cut shredded to give modernity to the Court.

Here are some tips for those who have long hair.

The short Bob is still on the charts


With asymmetric sides, dings and the nape layers more beat, that’s making much success, mainly because of the characters of actress Glória Pires who is already with the cut for some time. Is a great cut for more mature women, but see if it matches the shape of your face.

Find out what the best type of haircut to the shape of your face.

Messy Hair


It’s not a technique well known and is applied to medium-sized or long hair. The proposal is to make the hair look fuller, thicker wires and prongs with curl. To highlight the cut, use mousse or pomade is a good option.