Hair Trends for Autumn Winter

Discover the hair trends for next autumn/winter.

The trends of fashion dictated in the runway of cosmopolitan cities like Paris, Sao Paulo, New York and Milan are accompanied by news and trends in terms of makeup and hair-and in the latter case, there is no woman who does not want to stay abreast of all that will make the rage next season.

With several options that promise to satisfy even the most demanding tastes, their hair for the season of autumn-winter are conspicuous by their versatility and the good taste, being that the suggestions can be used on separate occasions. Ready to meet the new hits of the moment?

The Eternal Smooth

The straight hair are back in high this season, this time in extra smooth version. Whether for use in pigtails with structure or loose natural hair extra straight get even more beautiful if they are long and in conjunction with straight cuts.

Hair Trends with Volume? Yes, Please!

Regardless of the type of each woman’s hair, the bulky yarns are also one of the highlights of the season autumn-winter. Therefore, the wavy hair and smooth trendy who want to can bet on gentle waves and wide that emphasize the lightness and the dynamism of the wires – and which is an excellent choice to combine with looks and occasions that require a touch of extra sophistication!

Operation Long Fringe
Being an option recommended for women up to 30 years, the long fringe accompanies looks more relaxed and is now in force, covering the eyebrows and shaping the face. Because it is a very strong addition to the haircut, the fringe should be the target of attention, particularly in terms of cutting andhydration, in order to avoid the appearance of split ends that can compromise the entire set.

Wet Effect

For those who enjoy that visual just out of the shower, the wet effect can be the right choice! Using a good quality gel, you can pull your hair back or work the locks so that he gets a little bold and young. Being especially suitable for younger women and irreverent style, the wet effect should be used in informal contexts, and its misuse in the workplace (i.e. when it is not a professional activity dictates alternative).

The Multifunction Braids

Any woman wishing to have beautiful hair and glamorous can and should opt for the use of braids, that offer a unique charm. This season will be marked by inverted plaits (which are excellent resources to beautify ponytails, buns and other hairstyles with a more formal character) and the lateral braids, which can be used either undone – the herringbone version is a wonderful choice! – or structured.

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Whether for a day’s work or to commemorate a special date, the braids are cute, romantic and elegant hairstyles that can do wonders for your look. If you want to complement them and add a touch of delicacy, decorate them with small shiny along its length et voila!