Hair Trends for 2016

In addition to the trends of clothes, bags and shoes for each season, the weeks sets also feature what’s going to make it to the head of the women in each year.

We’re speaking of cuts, hairstyles and hair colors that will make success in every season.

So if you like walking in fashion, following the hair trends for 2016.

2016 hair colors

For the hottest days of the year, the bright hair appear in full force. So, the blond will make success in 2016. But the color of time is gold, this time appears with two shades of blond, starting below the root to give a more natural effect. That tone and this effect brightens the face and helps to create a contrast.

You must remember the ombré hair and California that was very successful in previous years. But this time those techniques lost space for tortoiseshell hair technique, which is known in Brazil as turtle effect.

This new method is a darker version of ombré, which makes the mixture of different shades of Brown, gold and honey by creating a more natural effect.

Among the main trends of hair to 2016 is also bronde hair technique, which is perfect for those with dark hair, as the technique is proposed: neither blonde nor brunette.

2016 haircuts

Cutting the time again is the long bob that is already successful in several seasons. For those who don’t know, this is an adaptation of the Chanel cutting though this time is longer. This is modern, and still leaves the most elegant and sexy.

In addition to medium hair, that in 2016 will be represented by long bob cut long will also make success.This time, cutting long appears with lighter layers, leaving the wires with a more relaxed, i.e. away from the tidy or perfect.

The short cut also appears between the main trends of hair for 2016. But this time, appears with a little more length and layered soft at the tip to give more movement. Moreover, to give a modern touch to the look short hair appears with a slight fringe.

2016 hair texture

In addition to the cuts and colors that will make success this year, it is also important to know the texture that is on the rise. This time, you can leave a little to the side brush and flat iron, babyliss, ok? That’s because the fashion of the time is to value the natural texture of threads, no matter he is smooth, wavy or frizzy, curly. The tip of one’s bet on treatments to make the threads more healthy and beautiful.