Hair Straightening With Cornstarch And Milk – How-To And Video

Among the many treatments and attempts to improve a point here and there, the women end up spending a lot of money, with products, hairdressers and others. Between attempts to straighten, curl the wires there are many ways to leave the hair more beautiful, whether or not chemical. But for those who do not want to risk with any treatment that uses chemistry and, still, be economical, a lot of people risk in homemade and natural treatments. One of them is the straightening with cornstarch and milk, here’s how to make among other information,

How Do Hair Straightening with cornstarch and


See below how to do a 100% natural and homemade smoothing, which in addition to very simple and economical, you can do at home alone and yielding much result. Here are the ingredients and how to make…

Ingredients 1 cup of whole milk (200 ml); 1 tablespoon cornstarch.


In a bowl place the two ingredients. Mix very well until the cornstarch dissolves well. There’s no need to take it to the fire.


Wash your hair as usual, then shampoo with the conditioner. Then just let the hair dry naturally. When the wires are very dry start to apply the mixture, can be with a spray bottle or with a fine-tooth comb. Applying the comb the combing at the same time, until dry and stay hard. Leave the mixture on the hair pro about 50 minutes to 1 hour of. It’s important to let your hair down, as it happens the reaction. Soon after this time, rinse the wires with cold water or warm. Then dry with the dryer and finish with the Board. You will have flat wires and away from frizz.


Following is the video made by Mari Chen, showing how to do straightening and showing the result.