Hair Removal Methods for Women in Comparison

Now that the temperatures rise and we can finally slip into our favorite dresses, we also want to know which hair removal methods in comparison makes the race. The goal: to get smooth legs without the hells.

Which hair removal methods are the best in comparison?Here you will find the possibilities for the home and the expert.


1. Wet shaving

Hardly any other hair removal method has as many followers as shaving.Men do it almost daily, women several times a week.No wonder shaving is child’s play, pain-free and quickly achieves great results – if applied correctly.For who simply shaves on it, threatens to get skin irritations.The best tips: Use a razor with at least three blades, think of shaving cream or shower gel, and always only after showering or bathing.So you can protect your skin and then look dazzling.The disadvantage is obvious: You have to repeat the hair removal method all the time because the hair is only cut off at the surface.The smallest growth thrust is directly noticeable. Here at top-mba-universities  you can get more models of the hair removals.

2. Hair Removal Creams

Many women have depilatory creams as particularly easy and pleasant.You only have to apply it, after a few weeks, you will be able to use it for a while, to finally remove it with stubble.A further advantage: the regrowing hair is finer and less pieksig than with the shaving.Nevertheless, you should be aware that your skin might react to the active ingredients.Mostly, trioglycolic acid is present, which can cause irritation.Therefore, always test the product first in the arm flexion and check how your skin responds to it.Only use special depilatory creams in the bikini area as this area is more sensitive to your body.

3. Epilating

A very clean hair removal method is the epilation. Here you go with an epilator over your skin parts and the device gradually pluck out all the hairs and root. The result is that you’ll be around for a month, but you’ll have to expose yourself to a grueling torture. Many women get along well with the pain. Tightening the skin provides relief and when you invest in a high-quality epilator with a lot of tweezers, you will achieve good results. And a glimmer of hope: The more you epilate, the less it hurts. And most important after the epilation: Do not forget the right skin care.


1. Waxing

Sure, Waxing can also be done at home, but anyone who has already handled the sticky mass will know why it is advisable to visit a Waxing studio.Here you can sit back, close your eyes and let the not quite painless procedure go over you.A further advantage is that in the studio mostly warm wax is used, which achieves better results than cold wax strips.The experts know exactly how to heat the sticky mass at its best and you bend burns before.Then apply the wax to your cleansed skin and pull it off with a jerk.The result: smooth skin for up to one month – many other hair removal methods can not compete in comparison.

2. Sugaring

Similarly, Sugaring works. This is followed by a paste of sugar, called Halawa, which is finally lubricated on the skin and encloses the hairs. A strong jerk and also here for hair and hair roots no longer hold. So you again have a month’s rest. Advantages compared to waxing: The scary “rattles” are left out, because the sugar paste hardly sticks to the skin cells.In addition, the pain in this hair removal method is low.This benefits not only you, but also your skin, because the hair is gently removed, which makes the sugaring suitable for sensitive body regions, such as bikinizone or armpits.

3. Hair removal using the laser/IPL

Anyone who wants to do without the annoying hair is using technology:Laser and IPL are hair removal methods that achieve good results over the long term.The difference between the two methods is simple: While the laser emits light waves that are very energetic, IPL devices operate with a broadly deposited, less energetic light.Meaning:Laser is more effective and goes faster, with IPL being more gentle.

That’s why there are even IPL devices that can be used at home.For laser treatment an expert is necessary.In both cases the hair as well as the follicles are destroyed by the light and the resulting heat.This leads to the fact that a new formation should not occur.The pain is comparatively low, but for optimal results several sessions are necessary, which are repeated every month until the skin is really freed from all hair.This naturally results in high costs – but it is worth it, if you do not have to think again about hair removal methods.It is best to consult with an expert and consult the laser or IPL procedure for you.