Hair Colors for the 2015 Winter

The winter brought the cold and also new trends, and hair, new colors promise (literally) to make the head of the chicks.

Who loves to change her haircut and color every season, you want to stay up to date with the trends, to bring a certain sophistication and contemporary feel to look.

So, we decided to show you here what are the colors that will be in the main halls in the new season, and get ready for many colors and bright hot, just like the Red, which remains firm and strong this season, but this time in shades such as caramel and deep coppery. Want to know more?

Meet the colors of hair to the 2015 Winter

As I expected, the famous who are responsible for the main trends that promise to make the head of the Brazil in the coming months of colder days and lots of charm and elegance.


Is more than common, with the arrival of winter, the women soon want to darken the strands, it was expected that the brownish tints tones turn trend this season.

And those who already have the naturally dark hair , a tip is to invest in a few threads in warmer tones like the honey and the coppery, preferably near the face, served as a kind of frame, illuminating the face.

And the station is also the mixture of Brown yarn with fuses , interweaving three blond tones: hot caramel, camomile and hot chocolate, ensuring a light and shine to the visual.

And the trend is to bet on all in tones more closed, throughout the hair or just locks more dark.

But, who wouldn’t give up being a blonde, and wants to keep the lighter wires, the tones of the time are the blonde medium and strawberry blonde.

Another option is to invest in blonde tresses in a shade darker than the current base, leaving the color more warm and modern, but without leaving aside the essence Platinum wire.

And who wants to keep being blonde, it’s also worth investing in all wires in darker shades and gold, thehair piece in the color of honey, pulling to gold, which will also be on the rise.


But the redheads continue with everything, I became synonymous with sexiness, so anyone who wants to can also invest in hair Orange, who conquered once your space and keep gaining more and more new fans.

But this winter, the tip is to invest in different shades of red hair, that are great choices for women of lighter skin, as actresses Jessica Chastain and Julianne Moore.

And if you throw in the deep copper red and the caramel.

But boldness is to few, and not always, who want change, without shaking too much visual, the tip is to adopt mechas in cinnamon on a Brown and, if you like, go gradually increasing the volume of locks to take over once the color and to the full extent of the hair.