Guests at The Launch of The Calendar Pirelli 2010

The Pirelli 2010 calendar It has still not come on the market, so it will take a couple of days, because the lucky few that can do with it won’t have it in your hands until the 22nd, but some of its protagonists last night came to his presentation. All of them with more clothes than that it posed to the objective of Terry Richardson on the beaches of Porto Seguro in Brazil…

Daisy Lowe y Lily Cole were two of the wizards twice to the presentation to the press and after party.

But that missed the appointment by overlap with a parade of Victori release ‘ as Secret was Miranda Kerr.

Daisy, at the press conference, elegia a stays dress two color pictures and a few boots that I love, later enfundaba in a suggestive dress based on transparency and allowed to see why was one of the chosen to be part of the cast Pirelli.

Georgina Storilijtoric He chose a romantic dress in pink makeup.

The model Meloes Horst He wore a blazer of lace which I think is perfect for a party.

Y Eva Herzigova I chose the classic. But what good is this woman the tuxedo.