Green Clay Facial-How-to and Video

Green Clay in skin cleaning to let her beautiful, soft and gentle looking, not to mention the feeling that there is no better. And even if you wash your face every day with a specific product, it takes in a time interval a facial. There are many types of cleaning by, and each with the if done and effectiveness. To make a facial, we can even a beautician, beauty salon and the like, but if the money is short, we can even do at home. With that, here’s how to make a facial using green clay. Follow the step by step and see how is quite simple.


How Do facial with Green Clay

Nothing better than having the skin clean, soft and beautiful isn’t it. And for that, we can do many things, including the facial. Among the types of facial, include many ingredients and products are being used, and one that is very common is the clay.

Below share benefits of Green Clay for the face:

– cell reproduction;

– Removes impurities and toxins;

Detox –;

– Controls oiliness;

– Eliminates bacteria;

– Softness;

– Softness;

Without counting the calming effect that brings

To the skin.

How Do facial With Green Clay

This type of cleaning is very suitable for people with problem of oil and also combat acne, pimples and cleaning the pores. To prepare and apply is very simple, just be with the skin clean.


Mix a tablespoon of Green Clay powder with water at room temperature. Go adding water gradually to the mixture stay with the consistency well doughy.

After mixing applying on your face. Avoid in the eyes and mouth.

After you apply the mask dry, and avoid making sudden movements.

Then just rinse with water and dry gently.

Soon after removing the clay it is important that the skin to breathe, do not apply makeup, creams and other products for at least 2 hours. Also avoid exposing your skin to the Sun.

Below share video of how to apply the Green Clay in face.