Good Concealer for Dark Circles

The innovative method to correct dark circles proposed by Deepica Mutyala.Here’s how the method of the make up artist Indian.

Do you want to free yourself forever from the dark circles? How to Mask Dark Under Eye Circles is the tutorial for you. Deepica Mutyala, make up artist of Indian origin, he briefed the audience of Youtube her foolproof method to counter annoying blemishes and in a moment the video went viral.

What is this technique?

He picks up the color with a brush in cat language directly from the red lipstick and you begin to spread it on the upper eyelid, as well as in all of the dark area under the lower eyelid. The next step involves the use of a beige concealer, smudge above the

Good Concealer for Dark Circles

layer already created with lipstick.

The truth is in the color theory

Any corrections made with a make-up draws its origins from the Color Theory. Among the scholars who have worked should be remembered Itten, with its Art of color in 1961, thanks to which we are now able to camouflage to perfection every imperfection or discoloration.As shown in the circle developed by Itten, the secret lies in the use of complementary colors, which in the make up have the power to ‘neutralize’ each other. This tool is also very useful to create combinations which result in harmonious and pleasant contrast to see, for example, when you think a character outfits.

The tutorial secret

In the case of the tutorial made by the makeup artist, what happens is simply this: going to add the red pigment to beige color is going to warm up the shades, getting a more orangey result. Dark circles which turn towards you in fact correct hue with blue / violet between yellow and orange, while those more prone to brown require shades of beige / yellow and rosy beige. This way, you can create a checker from the tones more suited to the complexion. Result: the shadows are neutralized and the look immediately appear brighter and refreshed. Mystery Revealed!