Glitter French Nails Tutorial

Nageldesign for Christmas with Glitter French Nails-The holidays are at the door and with it the question, what should woman wear on the nails? If you have little time and it should look fast, try it with Glitter French Nails.

French Mal Anders: Glitter French Nails

The classic French Nails with nude color lacquer and the white lace knows everyone. To make the whole thing more festive, I decided with kimono-over of essie for a powerful Lilaton and a silver topping from UNT.

The silver varnish is a clear varnish with many silver particles. Due to the clear base it makes itself super as a highlighter over another varnish.

Nageldesign For Christmas: Color With Topping

So you paint two layers kimono-over normally and let them dry well. Then gently brush theglitter from the nail tip towards the finger. Not quite over the nail, just as far as you want the glitter also. I have about 2/3 of the nail bepinselt. A thin layer is absolutely sufficient, because only in the next step we make sure that the nail tip glides neatly.

The Sponge-Top Technique

For this I continued with a small make-up sponge. Your strokes for the glitter paint on the sponge, waits two seconds and then dabbed gently the glitter to the nail tip. The sponge will absorb the varnish, but the whole glitter particles remain on the sponge surface and can be easily dabbed on the nail.

I use the small, triangular sponges of ebelin. Take a pair of scissors and just get the right size for your nail and your design. You do not have to take a new piece of sponge for each finger. As long as the varnish is not dried you can use the sponge without any problem. If the varnish is dried, the sponge is hard and does not absorb the varnish. Then you should replace it or cut it with the scissors simply the used part generously.

Repeat the sponge step until you have enough glitter on the nail. Finally, a topcoat on it and finished are the Glitter French Nails.

Glitter French Nails For The Feast Day

With a sponge you get a lot of glitter on your fingernails, much more than when you brush it with the brush. It is for me the best kind of glitter paints to apply.

Of course you can make the glitter French Nails in any color combination. The colder it is, the better I wear darker colors on the nails. Because fits for me kimono-over very well. I can also imagine a classic red in combination with silver very well for Christmas. The fantasy is there as always no limits. Have fun while brushing!