Glitter Bath: Learn to Leave the Hair Healthy

A well-manicured hair and treated is stunning. Of course it is necessary to be patient and invest time taking care of the locks, but, in the end, is very worthwhile when the results appear. The shine is a great way to return the natural look to your hair and also to enhance the color of them, are painted wires or not.


See these tips on how to keep hair shiny and moisturized.

Advantages of glow bath

If you are of those who like to keep their hair always look pretty healthy, shine offers just that and more:

  • enhances the color of the hair natural hair and dyed;
  • improves the structure of the thread that has been chemically damaged;
  • offers color and faded hair treatment;


In addition to all this, the brightness does not have contraindications, which makes it easy enough. Just do a 3:00 pm 15 days since this technique can stay in for up to 8 washes. Ah yes! Best of all is that it’s expensive and you can not do in the lounge or even at home as it is quite easy to do.

Tips to apply the brightness

Watch out for allergies

If you often have allergies to chemicals, so be well aware of the formula of the shower of brightness that you will buy. When you go to the store make your choose notify to the seller that you usually have allergy to certain products and so she will show you the best option. This alert will mainly for who ever dyed your hair or had no contact with any kind of chemistry.


Correct the root your first

If you dye your hair and your natural color is already giving the guys, the best thing to do is fix my root, except that the color of the painted part is similar to the natural color of your wires. But, if this is not the case, retouching the roots before because the brightness can interfere with the highlight colors. That is, if you use techniques such asombré hair or California, ask first to a professional if the brightness is best suited.

Invest in moisturizers

Regardless of whether you’re going to bathe or not shining in her hair, it is very important to invest in a good hydrating mask. That doesn’t mean spending a fortune but rather invest in something that is compatible with your hair. If your hair is dyed or chemically treated, see a hydration that serve to restructure the wires, for example.


See what products are ideal for making a deep hydration in the highlights.

Choose the correct shade of color

There is also the brightness with toner at. In this case you should look for a color closest to the color of the wires, be they natural or dyed. Even better is to look for a colorless shine that can be used on all hair. But, if in your town is missing, always choose a tone above the color of your suit.

Use skin protection cream

Buy a cream Vaseline so that the glitter does not cause morning bath in the regions near the root of the hair like the forehead, temples, ears and neck. Before applying the gloss, cover these regions with the cream.

See below for videos of how bloggers make glitter bath home step by step: