Glazes for the New Year

Girls prepared to enjoy the new year with lots of charm and style? Running behind the perfect look for the new year is great, but we know that not only are the clothes that are to have a visual to rip sighs.More than aesthetics, the glazes are fundamental in time to produce. So today our palpiteco is about the FRENZY, a store specializing in Nail Polish, newly opened in Campo Grande/MS. Sso many cool and different options will, domestic and imported brands, Luxury guess amouuu!!!

Choose the color of the clothes for the new year’s Eve tradition, but now are the glazes that are successful. How to choose the color of your nails in the new year too? In FRENZY you find various options to suit all tastes and style… look how many beautiful colors…

Gold: as represents the Sun, is associated with luxury, success and revitalizes the inspiration! Nails, metallic Golden look great in contrast with white; or, for the more discreet, it’s worth betting on a shimmering Golden coverage!

Silver: bringing creativity for 2011? So bet on silver, enamel color that promises a lot of innovation.

Red: in addition to being related to the passion, the color also brings energy and willpower. Bet on more open tones, almost, to a new and vibrant!

Orange: color promises to give an injection of joy, in addition to recharge! If this is your goal, enjoy the coral is super high on the nails and bet without fear in the most vibrant color versions!

Pink: the color is associated with stability in love (with both her boyfriend and her family!). The nails, it’s worth betting on pastel or neon in the traditional pink tight, which is featured on the super white look!

Blue: symbolises security and tranquility – good for those who already know they will face challenges as the SATS next year! In glazes, bet on, super vibrant turquoise!

Purple: the color increases self-esteem and has the power to clean up the negative has on your life and bring only good things! Lavender Nail Polish as well pale, are great for those who are more discreet; already the suit glittering with a style more glam!

Yellow: the color is associated with wealth and money, and also attracts wisdom. As practically all the new collections of enamels have your copy yellow, just choose what most suits you: the pale, pastel, to more open and vibrant.

Green: the color attracts health and connected to nature, still represents hope. Nail, the success of the time are the shades of green or pale Mint!

The kids nowadays are mega vain and cannot be left out. The suggestions are the glazes of Impala Kids, the first enamel developed especially for children in Brazil. The collection in soft colours, provides a safe and fun joke. Its formulation uses specific components for the use of children, the glaze can be applied by the children themselves and removed the nails with water and SOAP.

And for those who like to always be ready, how about a mini box with their products and nail polish Favorites?

You are also in the FRENZY several products for the nails; glaze perfumed; rubberized colors; stickers for nails; fotocromáticos enamels; magnetic Nail Polish; and from fredericashops you can get more information of the nails art; glazes that change color according to the temperature; etc… in addition to other new features that are coming!