Gift Ideas for Epiphany

Ready for the arrival of the Epiphany? Today my dear girls want to give you some tips on how to fill your stockings to give as gifts to friends and relatives. Because you only think about the sweets? Would not it be more original build alternatives stockings maybe filling them with beauty products?

No, if you’re wondering, is not expensive idea, just choose the right products. And you, you will do much more happy recipients of your gifts.


When you decide to fill a stocking of the Epiphany is important to know the interests, preferences and desires of the recipient.
If the recipient is a child it is clear that the traditional stocking filled with candy is the most sensible choice.
But since the target to which I refer is the friend, the mother or boyfriend, a beauty stocking can be a really good alternative.
Clearly age and sex affect the choice of the products with which you will fill.


After choosing the recipient of your sock it will be necessary to find the products with which to fill it and it is critical that the gifts are small and mostly inexpensive.
And remember to put the most significant and important objects in the toe of the sock to make the surprise and the wait even more exciting.


If you opt for a rich stocking products for make-up you will surely be happy your girlfriends or your mother; as well as a stocking with care products for the body may be valid also for the boyfriend or a special friend.
Do not take too big socks clearly: most are great, most are filled and you will spend more.
Here are some suggestions to get back into a badge on 15-€20.
a stocking make-up, for example, you can compose with:
– a blush kiko (3 euro)
– an essence lipstick (1, 29 euro)
– an essence mascara (4,19 euro)
– a mini comb eyelashes and eyebrows existent (1.29 EUR)
– one kiko nail polish (2,90 EUR)
With little more than 15 euro you’ll make a nice surprise to a friend beauty addicted.

A stocking beauty-care instead, you can compose with:
– Flakes of scented soap sephora (4.90 €)
– Body Shower Gel sephora (8.90 €)
– Shower Gel sephora (3.90 €)
– The Cube bathroom sephora (1, 50 EUR)
– Sponge sephora (1.60 euro)

With just over 20 euro here is a rich stocking products for the body.