Get Platinum Blonde with Natural Hair Whitener

The platinum blond hair still makes success with many women in any season of the year.

But to get to that blonde tone which is clear, is not easy.

To achieve the desired result, many women are betting on a product innovation called super whitener.

This new product to lighten the hair, section main function is open until 5 shades of natural hair shade.

Therefore, the product can be considered a more powerful whitening. But, is it possible to be platinum blonde using the super whitener or he is only suitable to give a mild whitening in?

If you are thinking about going platinum blonde and just with the bleach you can’t reach the desired tone, check out the following tips on how to get platinum blonde with super whitener.

Here’s How to Get Platinum Blonde with Super Whitener

The main tip for those who want to get this blonde tone, is to use the super whitener with a permanent dye. With this mixture is much easier to open up to 5 shades of natural tint of the wires. But, this option only applies to those who already have naturally lighter hair.

If your hair is dark, like black, dark brown and medium brown, it doesn’t get platinum blonde with just the dye mixed with the super whitener. The reason for this is simple: the dark threads are harder and lighten the brown tones are formed by pigments that can be reddish or bluish.

To turn darker hair in platinum blond, is necessary to discoloration before use the super whitener. That’s because the platinum blonde coloration is not as effective on dark hair, since it should be yellowish or beige hair before.

If the super whitener is used on dark hair, your hair will be with orange and yellow pigments. This alternative is ideal only for those who want to stay a redhead without bleach your hair. So if your hair is black, dark brown or medium, first make the discoloration.

In addition, it is important to remember that the super whitener works only opening 5 tones in hair in chemistry. That’s because their hair dyed or straightened have a different structure due to the chemicals that prevent the action of the product.


Stay platinum blonde is a process that requires knowledge and patience, therefore, not to run the risk of damaging the wires, the best alternative is to find a good professional.