Get inspired in more than 100 types of haircuts

Long hair, short, curly, colored, with locks … There are a plethora of hair types out there and find the ideal cutting can be a real challenge. In fact, the first thing to worry about is the shape of the face. Every guy needs a specific court or can highlight parts you don’t want.

In addition, you need to combine the cut with your personality. Cut the hair in a way just because it’s fashionable will bring regrets later. Let your hair the way you feel better with him. The important thing is to always have a good hair care, no split ends and with a format that suits your way of being.

Types of haircut

Hair short

This one is for the more practices and I don’t like to waste a lot of time taking care of my hair. Washing, moisturising, comb, everything becomes faster. But before you choose something think that their trips to the beauty salon will be more frequent since it’s necessary to service the Court.

See several examples of hairstyles for short hair easy and quick to do.

This type of cut was called Johnny. Today it is known as Pixie which is nothing more than a new guise of the old Court. Here we have him a little more frayed and may have the most fringe short or long. Combines a lot with women who enjoy using stronger colors in make and not swayed in time to use a large earring and flashy.

Pictures of hair cuts

Long Bob

The average cuts are the darlings of the women. Especially those who want to change the look, but they’re not so radical about to cut the wires right shorts. Is a very versatile cutting type because it does not have many restrictions. Who has curly hair, afro or lise can join the Court without problems. And, unlike Chanel, you don’t even have to worry about the length of your neck.

Afro hair or curly hair

Long Afro hair had to surrender to curling irons and hair dryers to get a haircut that if “suited” to the standards. But today, the owner of those curls have created their own rules and today it is possible to have an afro with the type of cut you want. Because they are more full, you can use some accessories like tracks, bandanas and others to change some visual according to your style.

Long hair

Traditional and feminine women like to keep their hair always long, which isn’t a problem, but long hair requires greater care. Long hair also offers greater sensuality and a range of cuts and hairstyles that can be made.