Female Tattoos: Over 50 Photos to Inspire You

Getting a tattoo is something very important and that should be analyzed carefully.Think of all the pros and cons. They are beautiful, show a lot about your personality and your way of being, but to take only with laser which is an expensive and time-consuming process.

If you are absolutely sure you want to do and is aware of all the details, it’s time more fun: time to choose what will be the design of your tattoo. We put several options to choose from below. Are 50 images to bring inspiration.

See what are the meanings of tattoos and your choice!

Female tattoos

When it comes to tattoo for woman, the designs tend to be smaller and more delicate. The location of the body to place must also be strategic. You can do a tattoo in a place where it is not seen all the time as back or the back of the head, for example. However, the bigger tattoos can also be very feminine and stay cool in the body.


Tattoo on back

One of the more women like placing the tattoo is on the back. They stay in a place much more discreet and is only seen if you really want to show, using a more plunging blouse.In addition a tattoo on her back is excellent for the desktop since you can hide it. For being a great site, I can drop the imagination and draw a picture of the size you prefer.

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Female tattoo on neck

This is another place that women often choose to place the tattoo. Is a hidden place, despite not having as cover with some clothes, who has the hair a little longer can use it to hide it on the desktop. Tattoos on the neck are usually smaller and more discreet.

Female tattoo on wrist

Make a tattoo on wrist became something common. A site before or was a target of both needle of tattoo artist, today became a fever among the women. Is the perfect place for who will do the first tattoo, since it’s only accepts small drawings.

Women’s tattoo on the foot

A delicate and feminine region well to put a tattoo. Tattoo on the foot became a true fever among women for being a discrete location. You can put a small tattoo to stay just on the feet, or may put a greater than sign up leg to give a cool effect.