Fashion Tips for Women, Fake Nails

Hello to all and all, here are some things for you to be fashionable and never out of place .. you know … trendy and not trash this season !!! It begins….

5 Things that a woman should be careful

1) Never put eye shadow, eyeliner and lip gloss glitterati before 18.00 pm

Ragazze..per you a fresh look from giorno..per go to work or lunch out not daring .. just need an eye shadow perlato..un ​​dove, or a pastel color, maybe a transparent gloss, a little ‘blash and mascara .. a sober look and tidy is the best !!

2) Not to be sweat pants with heels.

In this period there is this tendency to wear loose cotton trousers from “outerwear” with heels 12 I BOCCIO this option. It ‘nice to be original but sometimes you risk overdoing. of course you need not just wear them with the gym or running shoes. For a casual look with this kind of pants just wear a nice pair of sneakers. There are now all kinds, shapes and colors and then for girls who like heels there are now on the market with an internal heel sneakers will not be 12 cm but they still their effect!

3) Eye to shatush!

Attention to shatush for two reasons, either because in 2014 will already passed, and because sometimes if not done right can be really horrible !!
In 2014 we will continue with the nuances, but the oxygen peaks slowly vanish from circulation.Some speak of an effect exactly contrary, darker underneath and lighter above (like mine) or shades and colored tips. However beware the shatush is a gradual fade say NO effect two-tone hair where the detachment is evident in half lengthwise and the net or if you like so do not call it shatush!!!

4) Nails but no claws

I state that I love long nails and particular but must be done very well otherwise are vulgar, so if you do gel should not be too often otherwise give a fake nails effect which is not the best. I opt for the convenience, being a little ‘clumsy all the times I’ve exaggerated a bit’ with the length, on time after a little ‘tac, she broke a fingernail. So if you’re like me choose to ordinate beautiful nails and not too long!!! dark and intense colors or pastel colors this season are the top! Here at Answerresume you can get more different models and styles.

5) tartan is fine but not for a total look.

As many know, this season the tartan is depopulated, it is seen everywhere but you see everywhere even outfits absolutely reject that is, those in which the shoe, skirt or trousers, blouse and coat are all tartan..così style is TOO!! !! Almost it hurts the eyes to see all this together tartan annoying type optical effect!!! Just a detail, just coat, only the skirt, shoes and borsa.. ma not everything and it all together!!! Know d dare… ..sempre!!!

Bene..abbiamo finished, I leave you with a gem …
As the great Coco Chanel said: “Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity”.