Facial for Her Face to Be Beautiful


The woman wants to feel beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, perfect every day. For this use of trickery to get what you want. The cosmetics factory grew and when it comes to aesthetics, the labour market has increased, forming professionals able and capable of performing any of the procedures. The face of the woman tends to be sensitive because of the overuse of makeup, sun exposure, and creams are not suitable. Is where the facial.

Know when we look in the mirror and find imperfections?Pimples, blackheads, spots end up appearing or reappearing. Nothing like a deep skin cleansing to renew your face and remove dead cells. Let’s not forget that for a first time try going to some place by someone you know and you liked the result, making the choice of a place. Also part of the own customers results in the clinic to be able to have a base.

The procedure can be painful, because the professional will remove impurities and to get rid of acne (it is not recommended to remove pimples, because they can ignite and leave scars). Is recommended for people with very oily skin or acne problems (blackheads, no pimples). Also, after cleaning, we have to take care of at home, using suitable products such as lotions, makeup removers, moisturizing and toning specific to each skin type. For very sensitive skins, the procedure is not indicated, as the skin tends to get really red and can get infected.

Remember not to sunbathe after the facial, the heat can irritate the skin, staining her and let her oily again, use factor 15 sunscreen! The skin renews itself every 28 days, so pay attention in cleaning up after, controlling how the removal of dead cells and at the time some moisturizing your face. Don’t sleep with makeup on his face, Yes, the pores may clog, contributing to the appearance of blackheads and pimples.

The beautician cleans your face in approximately 60 minutes, a maximum of 90. The procedure is performed by steps. The first is hygiene, in which a surface cleaning of the skin, makeup and oil, for example. The second step is to exfoliate, which used creams that remove dead cells.Further, Descaling, where the beautician softens the skin for removing blackheads. After that, the face is subjected to ozone vapours to improve in more serious extractions in the face. The fifth step is exactly the extraction of acne. Then a soothing mask is used to refresh the skin after continuous professional touch.The seventh step is varied, as it is used a LED for the skins more aggressively affected by acne and oil.The last step is a mask that the patient must use for 3 hours and then just wash your face.