Eyebrows Guide

Do you want to have eyebrows marked without leaving the house? Then prepare the clamp, that this super guide of the BuzzFeed will help you on this mission.

1. First, think of the shape of your face
Each type of eyebrow can favor or disadvantage the prevailing characteristics of each face. For example, curved eyebrows can soften an angular face as flat eyebrows can add more drama to a longer face.
3. Here goes a single person test with different eyebrows
Note that thicker eyebrows leave the face more striking, while thinner eyebrows provide a more delicate appearance.
4. Understand the specificities of your brow
With the help of tweezers, know where it begins (1), where it ends (2), where the curvature (3) and thickness (4) is located.
5. Map where your eyebrows should start and finish
Hold the clamp vertically from the outer part of your nostril, straight up, until it starts from your eyebrow: the place where the tweezers beats is where your eyebrow should begin.
Then, grasp the diagonal clamp from the end of your nostril to the outer part of the eye: that’s where your eyebrow’s tail should end.
6. Measurements shall be similar to this:
7. Choose the right tools:
Tweezers, wax, scissors and fill brush [/IMG]
8. And the right products to fill it:
8. Eliminate all non-scheduled
Some people possess hairs/hackles in unusual places such as forehead. To highlight the eyebrows, eliminate them with wax or blades.
9. When coloring your eyebrow, choose a fill color at least one tone lighter than your natural forehead color and conquer a softer appearance…
10…. Or choose a darker shade for a more striking look
11. Fill thin eyebrows with a pencil or dust shade
12. If you do not have much skill with the brush, use a cupcake
13. For a bolder look, wet your brush
14. Use corrective to illuminate the look