Eyebrow: What’s the Right Format for Your Face

Beauty is in the details. In face, it doesn’t matter just soft skin without wrinkles and without spots or a hair hydrated with a fashionable cut. The eyebrow is a part of our face is very important. She can give expression to our face and is able to provide a striking look.

Follow these tips to not err in time to make the eyebrow.


Some tips

Difficult is to find someone who can leave your eyebrow the way you want. Sometimes not even yourself knows exactly how you want to format it. The best in these cases is to look for an expert in the subject, called Eyebrow Design. However, there are some tips that need to be respected no matter what:


  • always follow the format of your eyebrow;
  • the thickness should not be too thick or thin, the ideal is to make it as compatible as possible with your natural eyebrow;
  • don’t shave much the inside corner of the eyebrowsas this will cause your nose get wider and longer;
  • very thin eyebrows leave the forehead bigger and gets old enough;
  • leave the curved arch can leave you with the expression of someone angry or perverse;

The eyebrow to each type of face


Long and rectangular: straight and horizontal strokes are ideal to counterbalance the shape of the face.

Square face: here, the eyebrows should also be straight, but must present a little buckle at the outer corner.

Oval face: for anyone who has this format, the arched eyebrows fall off very well. But remember, no exaggeration! Everything must be in complete harmony.

Round face: thin eyebrows just increase the size of the round face leaving you with the appearance of a few extra pounds. The ideal here is to focus on fuller and arched eyebrows.

Triangular Face: to follow the shape of the face, eyebrows must be arched like a circumflex.

More tips


When the new hairs are being born again, our hands already flowing into the clamp and the impulse to RIP is great. But even better is restraining yourself and try other strategies. A good option is to use a pencil to mark and highlight the eyebrow, can be an eye or suitable for the region. Remember to use the color that most suits you the form below:

  • Black skin:black color pencil;
  • White skin and dark hair:brown color pencil;
  • Blondes:use color pencil light brown;

White wires and crashes

Here the tactic is already known: the mask of Cilia kicks in. Beyond that, you can use a brush moistened with Brown shadow. It is more accurate and can cover the flaws very well. There is also a specific product called solution for Eyebrows. In it you find Brown and also a defining cream gel cable ties.


Permanent makeup

An option for many women who have failed or eyebrow older women who no longer have an eyebrow so thick is the definitive brow. It’s like a tattoo that needs retouching over the years. If you choose this procedure search long before and see reviews from people who have been through the procedure.