Eye Make up Remover Bolinder

In the pink box July I had the ASTOR – big & this Beautyful boom mascara with eye make up Remover bolinder original size in 12 ml + 125 ml test size.

ASTOR big & this Beautyful boom mascara

The mascara convinced me. Especially the price-performance ratio impress me. She makes a similar effect as the L’Oreal Studio secrets professional 90° is easy mascara with the white base – except that it has no base and cheaper. She’s still rather long as voluminous lashes, but that doesn’t bother me.

On the map of the pink box the price for the ASTOR big & this Beautyful boom is specified mascara with EUR 6.99. That is about 25% less than easy mascara costs 90 °. Thus she scores ever with me.

The mascara can be precisely applied despite the very thick small brush. With a little practice I come also to the lash. For beginners, the brush from my point of view is nothing, because the danger of bloopers on the upper eyelid is high. So dear swabs for emergencies have…

Particularly positive: During normal operation, remains the ink on the eyelashes and not spread under the eye (what’s happening at me with the most ink), even if the lower lashes are drawn.

Only drawback: The mascara dries very slowly on the eyelashes. Who has long eyelashes, paints on easily the upper lid with the own eyelashes. About sneezing or eye strumming we need not even going to talk about… the best so some time the lashes still keep. This is bugging me something because my eh slightly above received lashes on the eyelid cast on and I have to watch even more with this ink.

Before and after on my eyes

The before images are the after pictures with Flash without Flash -. Something looks weird – but the lashes are still clearly visible, or? So dark they are by nature.

The eyes are primed with backstage dual-active makeup in olive beigeeyeliner on the upper and lower lash by p2 from derLE spring please! expressive khol kajal in the color 020 deep grey, fixated and blinded on the movable eyelid with the dark color from the eye shadow duo + highlighter in the colour 010 quite charming, also from the p2 LE spring please!

Conclusion to the mascara

Good quality at a drugstore price – what do you want more?
(If the drying time you don’t mind.)

Bolinder ASTOR eye make up Remover

I am not convinced the oil free eye make up Remover. Although not hurt in the eyes and leaves no film in the or on the eye – away but mascara and especially eye liner along the lash not good. I must rub and are the next morning still dark marks on the edge of the eye.

Conclusion to the eye make up Remover

That’s not for me. Do you have experience with the product?
ASTOR’s products in this post were provided cost and unconditionally me by pink box or the competent public relations firm. Thank you very much! The post reflect my honest, free and subjective opinion.