Every Face Powder: How to Choose the One Best Suited to Your Skin Type

Every face powder: how to choose the one best suited to your skin type? For a perfect make up the powder is essential and must be selected according to your skin type and color of your skin tone.

Every Face Powder How to Choose the One Best Suited to Your Skin Type

For a flawless makeup powder is essential, this should be chosen carefully depending not only on the color of their skin, but also according to your skin type. Use the wrong powder on a dry skin too greasy or too and defeats just the trick, but may also cause the appearance of pimples and blackheads, since the skin reacts to external aggression. Knowing your skin type, then, is the first step in choosing the right products make up just right for us. Let’s see which face powder choose according to your skin type.

Oily skin

Oily skin is shiny and often a face powder that darkens is critical to a successful makeup. To do this, choose transparent powders in combination with free powder that does not weigh down your skin if touched up the trick several times during the day. The blush on oily skin should be applied generously, especially on so-called “T zone” (face-nose-Chin); to apply, use a velvet jacket: the classic sponges and brushes take away both the basic foundation that the powder already applied.

Dry skin

Dry skin is already opaque by nature, so it’s good to avoid exceeding the doses of powder. That perfect for dry skin is made from mica, a mineral that does not mix with other elements of make up, and thus remains on the skin, without finishing in the wrinkles of the face. Apply with a big brush with soft bristles, eliminating the excess from the brush before passing it on your face. If your skin is really dry and squamous, avoid the powder but used an illuminating cream blush to give a bit of sparkle.

Combination skin

Those who have combination skin will have to find a right balance between the two powders: apply one for oily skin on the “T zone” and the one for dry skin on the rest of the face. Of course, buying two different products is not pleasure, but it’s the only way to have a make up perfect!

In General, you should choose the mineral makeup, free of silicones and other substances which are harmful to the skin. Also, don’t forget to make a scrub a week and always up: sleep with make up on your face just creates havoc.