Enamels Colorama Colors

Photos of the New Enamels Colorama Colors 2018

With the new Colorama Glazes 2018 Glazes, there are beautiful models to make your nails even more beautiful and different, they are enamels with great colorations, with very different models that all of you will love.The releases are coming gradually in the cosmetics stores all over Brazil, and you can not fail to check or even keep an eye on these releases as soon as possible, because it really is worth it, so stay on top of the news too.

The Colorama 2018 glaze colors make up a great variety, even more because it has enamels for all seasons of the year, both for summer and winter, with models to be used during the day as well as models to be used at work, in the party, ballad and much more, quite varieties, with beautiful models that you will love, but first let’s check these news as soon as possible, because there are many beautiful models that are worth really checking. There are some even with effects, these have more expensive prices, around R $ 3,00 real glass, but nonetheless it is still cheap because of the durability and also because of the competition that has much higher prices as well.

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We’ve separated some Colorama 2018 glazes to show for you, so you can get an idea of ​​what the brand is bringing with it this year, I’m sure you’ll love it too. the price is in account but the best of all are the new glazes with very modern colorations, leaving the nails with a lot more style too.

Check out the photos of the impala 2018 enamels and stay inside the news of this brand for you, each model more interesting than the other and with more beautiful colors too: