Enamel: Tips for Increased Durability

Dark glazes are the darlings of the women. If on the one hand the more closed they leave the nails sophisticated and modern, on the other hand they can make much time to get that perfect finish and no product buildup in the corners. So, we prepare a text with tips on how to hit in the enameling and avoid the most common negative effects.

One of the biggest upsets when using a very dark glaze is the accumulation of product in the cuticles and sides of the fingers, which is usually difficult to remove completely. To make sure that doesn’t happen, is shown passing a drying oil the nails before enamelling, because it does not give allergy and prevents the color from sticking out of the correct location. The hills! suitable for enameling are also good, but may give reactions, then do the test before to make sure you are not allergic. Another tip is to paste bandage around the nail, do not miss it.

Bet on the base

The base causes the enamel last longer, in addition to being an important protective factor. As the dark glaze is more pigmented may stain the surface of the nails. Always pass the base to make sure that doesn’t happen, especially those with fortifying effect.

No marks

You realise that the enamel is with the brush strokes marked? This is a common disorder with stronger hues and happens depending on the way you apply the paint. The primer must be passed in the middle of the nails and then the sides, always with little product. If you get the side will have those brush marks. The second time, you can apply a little more product to spread well.

Beware of excess

Even with a stronger color it is essential to apply twice your glaze, but nothing to exaggerate the dose: always have to do two coats, because coverage is more uniform and the finish is far superior. But be careful not to overdo it on the amount, or the glaze will be thick and exit easier.

Let each layer of nail polish dry well

If the previous layer is dry, the next layer won’t fix and this will cause the enamel Peel soon and also that form “marbles”. Therefore, the gold tip, is to let each layer dry. Take a few minutes of difference between each layer, this will make all the difference in the final result.

Bet on the extrabrilho

Skip the extrabrilho or top coat facilitates the appearance of scratches and of opaque enamel, something which is even more noticeable when the nails are dark. Always finish with one of them, holding the beauty of colour for longer.

Remove correctly

Than remove the black or red nail enamel and finish them in the corners for several days, what happens when there are incorrect removal. The ideal is to put a cotton with Remover over your nail and press without rubbing. Let absorb the enamel and then use a new cotton to rub what remains. This will help you not to bring color to the skin.