Easy Hairstyles to Do Alone

In addition to the clothes, accessories and shoes, the hair is a very important part of the body in time to go to a party or club. Even if you are of those who like a more “clean” a simple hairstyle to lift the look is essential. Normally the highlights or are loose or stuck in a ponytail.

See how to make 10 easy hairstyles for day to day.

And to change this reality let’s talk now about how to do hairstyles at home. Nothing outlandish things and full of extravagance. The idea here is that you can do a hairstyle, simple and beautiful and to be done in a few minutes to go in the Club with friends or in someone’s birthday among other places.

Learn tips and tricks of how to make easy hairstyles for short hair.

Items which help in easy hairstyles

You can even try to do hairstyles with his bare hands, but will be much more complicated and, therefore, will require more time. So if you want hairstyles like you just stepped out of the salon, you will need to invest in a few items. See what are:

  • hair dryer;
  • Board of hair;
  • curling iron curls;
  • Hairspray;
  • mattifying powder;
  • mousse for volume;
  • cream crackered;
  • donut for Coke;
  • hair clips;
  • Bob quick change;
  • steel clips for hair;


All of these items are used to make numerous hairstyles and not one in particular. Probably, you may already have some of these list objects like hair dryer, curling iron curls, Board, steel clips, clips, among others. Go doing your quite slowly. So, when the desire to make a particular hairstyle you will always have the necessary items within reach.

Videos of easy hairstyles

Easy and romantic by Camila Rabbit

Here the blogger Camila blog Rabbit Super Vain shows a hairstyle that she wore at the inauguration of one of the shops of Carmen Steffens and that is very simple and quick to do.

5 easy to do hairstyles for Thalita Ferraz

The Thalita Ferguson who is also a blogger shows in this video 5 hairstyles very easy to fast to make in only 8 minutes! The title of the video indicates that are combed for end-of-year festivities, but the truth is that you can make them whenever you feel like it and in any occasion.

Hairstyles for the days in that the hair doesn’t cooperate

Our hair shiny and beautiful all day, but when he’s with the oily and indomitable root appears that event on such short notice that you can’t refuse. The blogger Niina Secrets teaches you tricks how to do cute hairstyles these days and how to make the hair appear to be beautiful and clean!