Dry Skin in Winter: How to Avoid?

Dry skin in the winter? It seems contradictory that the cold skin lose water, but that’s precisely what happens this season usually without rains and strong winds.

And the face is the part of the body shows signs of drying out. What happens is that in the heat the skin of the face becomes more moist and lubricated due to perspiration and also the relative humidity, which is typically highest in the summer, for example.

In winter, the opposite happens. Dry air outside “steals” water of our skin, and as the face passes all day exposed … the damage is done.

emperature and SOAP

The care of the skin start from the bath: one of the great villains of dryness is hot water. Avoid as much as possible. If you can’t, book cooler water to wash your face at least.

But the SOAP used to wash the face must also be specific for this time of year. Bar soaps have alkaline pH, i.e. they are astringent and don’t help keep skin hydrated. This happens due to product formulation for your consistency is solid. Why give preference to liquid soap, which has more neutral pH.

Special lotions

An alternative are the specific cleansing lotions for the face, which are made with ideal pH substances, hypoallergenic and without abrasion. In other words, clean without attacking the skin sensitivity of the face. You can take a bath and then, with the cold water faucet, cleaning of the face only.

Moisturising protection

After cleaning, it comes to hydration. On the market there are products for all skin types, oily and apply to the dry and prone to wrinkles. Currently, there are moisturizers with solar protection factor and also the opposite: sunscreens that care and soften the effects of dry air on the skin. Everything is a matter of looking with patience!

Know what you can not miss in your toiletry bag during the winter.

Of course, hydration also comes from the inside out. Take plenty of fluids daily, preferably 2 liters of water, in addition to juices and teas. All this will contribute to the health of your face and keep you healthy and vibrant during the cold days.

And the rest of the body? See How to take good care of the body skin during winter.