Dream Filter Tattoo

Tattooing, besides being an artistic expression, is a way of externalizing personal feelings. That way, it always comes with a feeling, whether it’s the simple desire to have that beautiful picture tattooed on you or the idea of ​​preserving something special.

The practice of registering something important or significant on the skin has gained space and today it is very easy to find people who carry pictures, phrases or words in the body.

It is possible to find a huge variety of designs and types, since the tattoo depends on the design chosen, the specific desires of the client and the technique of the tattoo artist, however there are some recurring designs such as the dream filter.

The filter or dream catcher has become a very common decorative element in the rooms, both for its spiritual character and for the popularization of the image worldwide.

In tattooing it also became popular because of its meaning and the possibility of adding your personal touch to the filter by choosing the size, type of braid and style of feathers. Get to know the meaning of this delicate and beautiful tattoo and get inspired with a selection of images to choose from.

Dream Filter Tattoo

The meaning of the dream filter

Among the reasons that lead someone to tattoo a drawing, they find the meaning and beauty of it. The dream filter is undoubtedly one of the designs that combines these two motifs and makes success among the fans of the tattoo. In addition to being a charming and detailed drawing, it is believed that the dream filter, as the name suggests, is capable of filtering out dreams, capturing the bad in your web and letting only good energies pass.

Originated from Native American tribes traditions, legend has it that the filter represents the cycle of life and can prevent bad energies from interfering with each other’s dreams, but that does not mean that nightmares will be avoided, since some dreams that appear to be bad can bring learning.

Several elements can be added to the filter and each filter has a meaning (personal or spiritual). However, the catcher is usually formed by a circle, a braided line and a feather dangling just below the filter.

The circle represents the totality, the infinite and the circle of life; the braid represents the web of life that involves the phases, the choices and attitudes taken along it, but there are different ways of weaving the web, depending on the intention and the tradition. At the center of the web there is a connection between the lines or a space, according to legend the center represents the great mystery of life, the creator and the force that sustains the universe.

Finally, the pen represents breath, an essential element for life, but it can bring courage, wisdom, among other things, depending on the type of pen chosen. In addition, another point that influences the meaning of the dream filter is your personal intention with the object or the tattoo.

Do not forget to always check the references and the hygiene of the tattoo artist and the studio in which you intend to make your tattoo, so you avoid health problems and also ensures a tattoo well made and beautiful.

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