Dos and Don’ts in Red Lipstick

Are the classic among the lipsticks always, right? We tell you what to look for, if you wear red lipstick

Dos and Don'ts in Red Lipstick

Also model Kendall Jenner is the lipstick classics as often as you can.

A red lipstick (lipstick definitions: seems to really enhance any look. It lacks that certain something? The red color is set up there. You feel unwell today? With red lips, the world looks very different. The classic among the lipsticks has really a lot to offer and seems to be-a veritable panacea for us women ever! Nevertheless, there are some things that you should keep in mind. These dos and don’ts are essential to complete any look perfect:


Prime the lips

To make, your lip more even and radiant look a neutral tone to lend and thereby the lipstick, you prime it with your foundation. Moreover, the color by this trick is liable much longer! How exactly that we show works in the video tutorial.

The PIN trick

The color slides after applying often outwardly in your lip wrinkles? To avoid this “color bleeding”, tighten your lips before applying the lipstick with a pencil, for example. Due to the apparent pressure on the skin, you will prevent that you apply the paint too far outside the lip line and therefore runs.

Highlighting the lip

To make still fuller impact your lip, you DAB some highlighter after applying the lipstick inside the lip. Her mouth is now fuller and rounder.

Remove excess color

Lipstick on the teeth or in the corners of the mouth is a clear beauty-faux-pas. To avoid these effects, you away simply DAB the color excess with a kitchen towel. Help to prevent paint on the teeth of Kate Moss trick: take your index finger in your mouth before the mirror and pull it back out fast – finish.

Access to the straw

In your “red lip”day, you should be sure access to a straw if you drink. In this way must not continually pull the color and your lip shines longer spotless!

Less is more? Not necessary!


Omit the lip gloss

Lip gloss apply additionally to your lipstick? Better not! That only helps the color disappears faster, and smeared. Rather immediately opt for gloss and lip sticks.

Don’t listen to the motto: “Less is more”

When it comes to red lips, you must not withhold the remaining make-up. Also an intense make-up eye may look great in combination with red lips.

Not afraid of other reds

Red lips in combination with other Red accessories doesn’t work? There we go! Dare and access to red nail polish, red shoes and a red handbag. This combination will make your look complete.

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