Dior Transat Summer 2014 Makeup

Chic and casual, the collection make up Summer 2014 Dior Transat is inspired by the casual elegance of the cruise and plays with the primary colors, look to create at the same time fresh and sophisticated.

It is inspired by the elegance and casual chic of the cruise collection make up Summer 2014 Dior Transat, playing with the primary colors to create natural look, modern and refined, where the tanned skin “sun-kissed ” gets married to a “look ultramarine blue”, to lips that shine with vibrant red and” nails decorated with sailor stripes”.

Skin? E ‘ “sun-kissed”

A fresh, yet sophisticated, ideal for holidays but also to show off in the city: the self-tanning Diorskin Nude Tan Prime & Bronze, available in two colors, and illuminating powders Dior skin Nude Shimmer Rose and Ambre and Diorskin Nude Tan Transat Edition, in fact, not only even out the tan and light, but also heat up the natural color, hiding small imperfections and giving a healthy glow to the skin and facial effect.

Deep look like the sea

Fatigue gives way to a new vitality and gaze lights of colors inspired by the deep blue ocean, clear blue sky, to pink coral and beige and brown sand, declined in eye shadows 5 Couleurs Transat Edition (in Atlantique and Sundeck combinations) and Diorshow Mono (available in shades Cabins and Pavillon) and intense stretch dell’eyeliner Diorshow Art Pen Blue Cruise.

Lips and vibrant color nails

According to act-test-centers, a makeup for summer holiday that celebrates freedom, to complete with lipstick Dior Addict Lipstick-Limited Edition Summer 2014, declined in shades Sunlight, Windrose, Cruise and Mayday, or with lip gloss Dior Addict Gloss- Summer 2014 Limited Edition (available in colors Offshore and Seafarer) or plumping lips Dior Addict lip Maximizer Fresh Pink-limited edition summer 2014. Do not miss the manicure kit Duo Vernis and couture stickers, proposed in shades Yacht (dove), Sailor (blue) and Captain (red).