Dior “Croisette” Collection

It is directly with the summer collection by Dior. Today I’ll show you the collection with the long name “Sun powder” “Diorskin nude Tan Nude Glow Sun Powder” in color “Honey”. You could also just say bronzer.

Such powders are dangerous at me fast, but last year there was a wonderful such powder in the collection at Dior and I didn’t look like an Indian, so I was happy again here about the bronzer. Here at best-medical-schools you can get more different models of the beauty products. Since last year, I got a little fan by Bronzern anyway. Primarily a tanning powder as a contouring powder, because it thus works particularly well with me. In the summer I don’t but also likes Rouge and replace it with a such powder. It looks so fresh and just someone like me with such fair skin has earned Yes finally a little Tan in the summer (though I have a Sun allergy…).

In the “Croisette” collection is a large selection of bronze products there, so there are two types of products – which are “nude Tan Nude Glow Sun Powder” and the “nude Tan healthy glow enhancing powder” in six and four tones. Former aim to give a natural Tan that latter should drop next to the Tan that is made with mainly a fresh effect.

The packaging:
The powder is in the classic blue packaging with CD logo and various information. See above quite well, so I got to say not much. Also, the content is more exciting.

The powder is probably the most beautiful part of the whole collection. With the Cannage pattern in silver, the round box is heavy and high-quality in the hand. It reflects even from the outside and is unfortunately just as prone to fingerprints, as she is beautiful.
Fortunately, she has a dark blue velvet pouch that protects them from scratches and at the same time at the store again in a bit clean.
The usual information are printed on the back.

Opening the box, a mirror is included. Also, the box closes with a hidden magnetic clasp. I like Yes this noise..

Part: a small Kabuki, which is very useful! He is high, no haart and while tightly bound, but this soft. I actually hate to use Kabukis, am here attempting to give a chance to the small brush.
Funny detail:the Kabuki also has an own velvet pouch. Actually more an open top and bottom shell, but in any case very cute! If also not a Musthave.

Ingredients according to packaging:

The content:
10 g with an official shelf life of 12 months are included.
The price is €47.50.

The “nude Tan healthy glow enhancing powder” are expected to be at €51.

It says Dior to Sun powder:

The product:
The powder is very fine in a reddish brown with a very fine, silvery shimmer. It can be well portioned, so can the strength of the skin build up and have a delicately natural finish or even a stronger Tan on the cheeks (or even in the whole face, who like it and, where appropriate, Brown enough) conjure up.

On the cheeks, it looks really naturally to me, it is enough almost for me if times less melted out of the House I (which already a few times was the case, since I used the powder), when I wear a bit of it on a little mascara and a lip gloss or balm (Hello, Dior Lip Balm!). I look so fresh and natural, as if I would have tanked but a bit of Sun.Definitely a nice finish.

But it is very good as a contouring powder and is then beautifully combine with other Rouges.

It can be great to dazzle and is therefore an absolutely simple and beautiful product.

My conclusion:
I like very much the Sun powder. It conjures up a natural Tan and thus a little freshness to the face. Can be used versatile’s doing – as Contouré, bronzer or all over your face (I have applied it as even on the bridge of the nose and Chin – just in the places where the sun comes out budget). The shade while not unnatural acts and therefore also works quite well for so bright skin types like me.

Anyone looking for a versatile product for the summer, you will here find it. Definitely highly recommended!