Dior Christmas Perfume Collection

The last part of the Christmas collection “Le Grand Bal” by Dior is the eponymous fragrance from the perfume series “La collection Privée Christian Dior” – unfortunately not everywhere gets these fragrances. Here in Germany the Dior boutiques, for example in Munich maximilianstr 18) or in the following shops:
• Alsterhaus Hamburg
• Douglas Königsallee Düsseldorf
• Breuninger Stuttgart (from end of November)
• KaDeWe Berlin (from end of November)

The perfumes from this collection are quite noble and in addition also still somewhat difficult in their sizes, the smallest size contains 125 ml at a cost of €155 (which, I must say that this is converted even not “bad” – I think that it can interfere with the amount!) and since one should be then already certain, if you would like to buy a fragrance of this series – you have it after all quite a while!

Already at the event to the collection of Christmas perfume “Grand Bal” was actually what got me the most. Classic love story – I came, sniffed and was in love. Down and away and no longer got the smell out of my head. Fortunately, a miniature of the fragrance was in the Goodiebag and although I otherwise give something like that my mother, who collects perfume miniatures, I did it in fact already, to empty the small vial (spontaneously took on holiday and consistently worn…). I think that speaks for itself. I more or less found “my” scent with “Grand Bal” and no matter how many perfumes I introduced you to the blog and so much I also like they are all in use – this is the most perfect perfume of all for me.

And despite the small inconveniences, to get him, I want you to meet today him, because he should be mentioned. Officially, he is actually not a proper part of the Christmas collection, but is permanently retained in the collection Privée, but simply because of the name he includes of course!

The miniature is fully modeled on the lid that closes magnetically and in the case of the miniature has a screw cap – original size. Even the initials are engraved on the lid, such as the large bottle. Only the color of the liquid is slightly brighter, what but has nothing to do with the smell.

Even the packaging is just like the original. The round cardboard has – like the bottle too – a subtle sticker with the name of the fragrance and the manufacturer. On the bottom you will find further information such as ingredients, content and origin.The miniature contained 7.5 ml.

François Demachy, perfume designer at Dior and Créateur by “Grand Bal” says the following about the scent:

“” “” Grand Bal “is an echo of the great prom dresses by Christian Dior which abundance and beauty reminiscent of the fully unfolded petals of a flower.”

The focus is clearly the jasmine – which is why I can only sign this statement. It is a so “full” and flowery scent. So perfect for me – I love it Yes. Who doesn’t like extremely floral fragrances, which must disengage itself probably from here.

As in the → videothat I have shown you the other day, is also included in “Grand Bal” Jasmine from Grasse. The scent is intense and also most clearly comes out. Ylang ylang from Mayotte, orange blossom from Tunisia, sandalwood essence from New Caledonia and musk come to this.

The exact fragrances in their individual stages I can’t you betray this time, but a scent description – as I feel the perfume – as always happy!

Directly with spray-on intense fragrance of jasmine flows one immediately counter. He is warm and “full”, very classy. I find that a certain freshness there is, but not picks up the scent, but a bit loosen only the intensity. The ylang ylang comes through shortly after spraying and the jasmine supports (both notes are pretty similar!). This intense and warm scent long, until the Woody notes are ‘active’ finally out. I so directly hardly perceive the musk, the scent is simply a total slightly weaker, less floral and is then finally – after long (!) Time – hardly noticeable.

Overall, the scent is a very warm, relatively heavy scent, but not frumpy, but very feminine and classy acting through the intense Jasmine aroma. You have to like of course Jasmin to, otherwise it will be hard to love the scent.My dad found him not as bad, it took but strangely, I wear the scent, because he very “grows up” – he said, the scent would be something for older ladies. So he doesn’t like the Jasmin probably.I, however, find perfect for every occasion it. I’ve worn it often and much and also won’t come off with security from him.

I must admit that “Grand Bal” is not too easy to describe. I now have often mentioned that he’s very Jasmine-heavy, but the scent is very diverse despite everything and he will smell completely different with security on another person (such as each perfume) – and that would interest me smooth, how.On me it is very feminine, warm, and classy. I really like the intense scent of flowers and even though I’m no Eau de Parfum fan, also this severity – of which the scent is not powdery, but rather easily. You see – just to describe looks different. But I’m trying!

Conclusion remains as always only to tell me that you must – smell myself and preferably on the skin (not on the paper strip, because you can smell the scent just totally distorts!). In this perfume I like to that you especially to the heart, because he is my absolute favorite fragrance, almost now my “signature”-Duft and therefore I would be happy of course especially if you find out about that.
Maybe even you guys the opportunity and passes one of the retail locations, then the perfume look at it (and the other the “La collection Privée Christian Dior” – very unique fragrances!).

Thus ends my ‘Grand Bal’ now-round of introductions.
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