Decorated Nails-50 Inspirational Photos

Some time ago, being with her nails painted a single color was already enough. The colors were quite sober and only the most rebels had painted her nails black. As fashion is just not on the clothes, nails also changed. Today, black color, is one of the most seen on television screens and in several women’s nails, from the student to the Executive.

A type of nail is super high for a long time to nail decorated. If you have not made, will make your someday. Be at the salon or at home, beats that will come out of the basicão and do something different with your nails. Here it is possible to please everyone, from the most subtle to the more extravagant.

Have beautiful NAILS DECORATED with designs easy to quick to do.

Tips to decorate your nails

If you are a newbie in this business and want to start using nails decorated gradually, no problem. Is it possible to adapt. For example, you don’t need to memorize all the nails. If you want, you can join the trend of the nail “only child” to decorate one of the nails, usually the ring finger.

How about doing NAILS DECORATED with Leopard print? Learn how to make your.


To leave your nails decorated even in work environments is possible to bet on lighter tones and classics like the French decorated. Another good option is to use a tone on tone. The base of the nail is a lighter tone, while the drawings can be in darker shades in the same color with the weather you can dare more.

Want something simple and practical to do? You can bet the stickers for nails. They now come with the decorations ready to be placed on the nails. Then simply remove the excess adhesive which is around the nails. She is full of style.

Get inspired with these photos of decorated nails

There’s no creativity to decorate your nails? So we’re here to help you. Below is a selection of images that we chose for you to inspire and make your own nail decorated.