Cute Braids for Bad Hair Days

Who ever used a good braid on the hair wakes up a thrush’s nest, throw the first stone! Even with short hair, I still surrender to the braids, which were the great allies in my time of big hair! From the simple side braid to the most elaborate buns, braids are a charm apart, and by browsing pinterest and the Pro Blog, found several beautiful models and that can inspire you. The most amazing braids is that they go very well from day to day to the most sophisticated dances. It is the invention of the century, does not spoil the hair and still look beautiful! And if you try and train a little, learn to make really cool braids and even get rid of hair eh!

And oh, if you thought this post was not enough, the braids already appear here! In that post here have more inspiration! Well, inspiration is not lacking, to work, or braid!