Contact Lenses Make You Look Younger

Over the years, the ‘limbal ring (the circle that serves as the iris outline), fades making our matte look. Some studies have shown that a well-defined limbal ring, makes it more attractive and seductive look with these lenses, you can temporarily regain it.

The lenses Acuvue Define have inside of pigments which define the contours of the iris and the manufacturers claim that in this way, the entire face will look younger.

They can be used by those who have eyes clear that those who have dark eyes and in both cases, the eyes appear brighter and ‘young people’.

In 2011, some university researchers Irvine in California, conducted a study in which participants were asked to express a preference between 80 photos of faces. One half were photos to the natural, the other half digitally altered with darker iris outline. The majority of the test participants, preferred pictures with limbal ring darker.

Scientists have published the results in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, concluding that we tend to find the most attractive faces with more defined limbal rings, because they indicate that the person is young and healthy.