Common Eyebrow Mistakes that People Make

Have the beautiful eyebrow is essential, after all, well done eye brows Let m look more female . As many say, they are the frames of the eyes. In addition to stress, give more expressiveness to the face and facial features.

Watch the eyebrows is important, but on the way between care and leave it extremely cute, many people get lost and end up making some mistakes that “destroy” his eyebrows. So, here is the list of common eyebrow mistakes that people make, so you get away from them.

Taking more than necessary

Many people have been there and a lot of people will still pass. This is the most common of mistakes, but it’s still pretty serious.

We must be careful not to take too much eyebrow and leave a failure.

If this happens, it is important to leave it to grow again. Another option is to use the micropigmentação, which fills the place without at, doingendo with that failure is hidden.

Changing the format

How independent is your eyebrow, she enhances your complexion and give more expressiveness to your face.

Your eyebrow should beappropriate for your type of face,butthis does not prevent you to change,howeverdrastic changes can also cause discomfort. So, pay attention. Don’t try to imitate someone else’s brow.

Do the eyebrow with less than 15 days

It is important to take a break of at least 15 before taking the eyebrow again. Do you know why? Because this is the period calculated for by being born again. If you strip before, is more prone to fail and take the hair.

Pluck your eyebrows with wax

It is true that the shaving of the eyebrows with wax can make eyelids fall! And nobody wants to look like older or create wrinkles early, right? In addition, the chance you take more than necessary is much greater, mainly because the method is faster and get it all at once.

Let your eyebrows will join

Have thick eyebrows, depending on the shape of the face, looks great. But it should be kept since they don’t weigh the look.

So, the tip is not Let air the two eyebrows join causes a male aspect in the image of a woman.

Bleach/dye your eyebrows

If you changed the color of your hair, doesn’t mean that you will have to do the same with the eyebrows. The ideal color for them, almost always is the natural color.

First because eyebrow and hair are not the same thing and you fix them later is very difficult. In addition, dye them can cause allergy and leave everything even worse. So, you need to think if you really worth risking.