Comic Nail Art Tutorial

The new trend nail this summer 2015 are the nails themed comic, funny and sparkling to show off both hands and feet. For those who are tired of simple and classic manicure, can take inspiration from comic books and cartoon characters to make a extravagant nail art, cheerful and colorful super. If you prefer a more fair result, but you like the cartoon, try to focus only on the ring finger and opts for a solid color, perhaps pastel, a very fashionable color this’ year, for the other. Let’s find out the themed nail art comic most widespread on social:

Minions passion!

It could certainly miss the Minions, the amazing and amusing protagonists of the filmDespicable Me and Despicable Me 2: little ones, yellow or purple (the bad ones), with one or two giant eyes framed by glasses and overalls too cute jeans. On the site Meet The Best You, so many ideas for nail art themed comic with Minions and the complete tutorial with photos.Obviously you have to bring their own yellow nail polish!

Disney nail art

We know them well, make us friends since we were little girls, we I’m talking to them, the Disney characters: Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, etc. and now the company are depopulating the fantastic nail art right theme. On Being Genevieve complete tutorial to make the glittery nails and polka dots with Mickey protagonist.

Another cute idea of Stephs Nails, here the characters are a bit ‘all the characters and very easy to play thanks to the image tutorial.

Avengers nail art

If you are a fan of comic manicure, you can not fail to have a manicure themed Avengers, with all your favorite superheroes. You will need many different colored glazes to create on your nails Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye. You can take a cue from The Naila Saurus or Lacquered Lawyer.

Superheroes nail art

Superman, Spiderman, Batman etc… All the protagonists of the most famous comic book history, from now is a trend to have them on the nails: thanks to the many ideas found on Pinterest, you can easily achieve them.

Pop nail art

The theme like pop, in fact is very trendy this year, not only for clothing and makeup but also for nail art, thanks to the extravagant colors that compose it and the various patterns which resemble the beautiful paintings of Andy Warhol.

Comic nail art

An idea easier, but colorful and impressive: choose the nail polish you like best and creates this fantastic comic nail art tutorial on how to Melissa Cupcakee.

Princesses nail art

They are the most beautiful of them all, the Disney princesses: Snow White, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, etc., each played back on your nails.

Converse nail art

On Francy Frugal Life, you can find the full tutorial with images to create the Converse All Star, the most popular sneakers in the colors you prefer.

Simpson nail art

There are those who love them and who does not, the Simpsons are a crazy family of the town of Springfield, and now you can play them on your nails.