Colorful Makeup – How To Do And Videos

Much is said about makeup and neutral practices that are good for any type of occasion that when you ask a mega production in women choosing colors look more neutral at the time of production. With so many makeup as your eyes marked with more neutral colors many women are afraid to risk the colors in the eye, and opt for color in the mouth or even don’t use color and end up choosing the eye marked with black. Sometimes it’s very nice to do that make wildcard, but often innovate too, is good. With that, here’s how to do makeup for the occasions that can look devastating.

How to make Colorful Makeup

Many women are afraid to take a chance on doing a makeup where the eyes are the center of attention. Yes you can make a colourful makeup for use in occasions like ballads, wedding parties and other events to more formal and night.

So that the flow of information from your look don’t be loaded and not too confusing simply focus all the colors in the eyes, the mouth must be a nude color lipstick or lip gloss, or whatever you want to use.

Clothing preferably should be smooth and with more neutral ores, for which contrast with the colorful eyes.

In choice of colours of shadows, opt for matching colors and talk to each other to make a beautiful gradient and a smoky look beautiful. And another detail worth mentioning are the colors that match your skin tone. Choose colors that enhance the

Your skin.

With it, you don’t have to be afraid to color your eyes with a beautiful makeup.


Here are three videos with colored makeup tutorials for you to do without fear.

Check out the tutorial made by Alice Salazar.

See also the walkthrough where Deborah Hungarian teaches you how to make a colorful makeup for black skin.

And still see another colorful makeup, where Vanessa Days Abdullah teaches you to do.

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