Colored Hair for Summer 2015

The colored hair is the new trend sported by fashionistas during the fashion weeks, a rainbow of bright foliage glamor perfect for Spring / Summer 2015.

The most famous stars have also decided to dare, pop singer Katy Perry was one of the first to show this new trend, in fact at the Grammy Awards 2015, was presented with a stylish hair cut, short, wavy and a beautiful lilac color, the perfect contrast to the color of his eyes.

The color trends vary from shades of pink, purple and blue, there are brighter colors like red and orange.

Usually these types of colors is good to rely on a professional, but if you want to try on their own, you must learn how to choose the right color, prepare hair and face the color, test, apply tint, rinse hair and touch up the roots once the hair begins to grow.
do not be impressed by the hundreds of shades that you could choose, if you are the first weapons you opt for a semi-permanent or temporary dyeing tints, so if you were to go wrong, you’ll have the security that will not be forever. The important thing is to remember that the semi-permanent dye is applied to wet hair.

Do not miss the ”Hirschalk “of L’Oréal Professional: it is a glaze, but for the hair. Fun, fast and very easy to use, you get strands of colored super hair are eliminated with shampoo, changing look as often as you want.

Wella proposes “Color Touch”, the color that creates no commitment, no ammonia, which allows you to play and create the desired color, for optimum results and trends.