Christmas New Trend Nail Design

Have Christmas-proof nail is a very fun pastime and can offer many surprises. Here are some ideas for making nail art trends.

Getting the House ready for Christmas is not the only commitment, we must also think of beauty. You already have then imagined the makeup for the holidays? For that maybe there is time, instead, for the decoration is very important to carve out some time soon. In our photo gallery you will find many examples to have Christmas party-proof hands.

What’s new in season?

  • Metallic colors: playing with metallic shades can help you create very sophisticated look.And then silver and gold are two shades that are perfect for Christmas.
  • French manicure with design: If you prefer the simplicity, you might create a beautiful french manicure with white bezel and apply an iconographic image.Which one? For example, a reindeer, a Christmas ornament or a Bough of mistletoe. Here at MICROEDU you can get more different models and styles.
  • French manicure colored: the french can also be built using the colors of Christmas.Bezels can be red, green and gold, perhaps embellished with glitter and small patterns.
  • Nail art bicolor:if you love the touches of class content, then choose only two colors. You can create sophisticated designs (type a snowflake or a Christmas star) but keep your hands light and elegant.

These are the main trends. Having said that the great thing about this technique to decorate your nails is experimentation, is to have fun and try new things also quite eccentric. What do you think?