Chanel Hair Cut Style 2016

I think that only those who know me well know that the release was to cut my hair. I’ve told this story, but the truth is that when I was about about 15 years, I cut my hair just above her shoulders, a longer chanel and loved. Where it can seem bullshit, but I read in Capricho magazine that the “fashion” was long hair and the boys liked girls with long hair. But I was an insecure teenager with the body and with hair, that he was not satisfied with his image and that when he finally manages to see beautiful, is the biggest fashion reference to me at the time to say that I was doing everything wrong to me fit. It may seem not, but it sapped my head and I let my hair grow, even never having liked him long. It was not until my 21 years.

Anyone who follows social networking blog ( by the way: short and follow). Have seen that I totally changed my look in 2013. It was one of my goals this year and I did not want to waste time! Well, let grow for years, and in late 2012 he was in the middle of the back. But I was with her hair the length I thought I wanted, but I was not feeling at all well. That’s because he was really broken, dull, lifeless, and it had been one year and a half or so, I had already abandoned the desire to have long hair and thought only cut, but were afraid to regret since he took both to grow. But if you’re putting off other decisions, there comes a time to “sink or swim”, and the time was now. I was feeling no “I” in that hair, had no expression, thought I was sad, and it was hard to fix it. I was dependent on brush and flat iron all day because my hair is voluminous and it made the stay horrible ends. I was making me ill have to brush your hair every single day, and still be worrying because at any moment he could arm. This was just when a week braid. Not that it’s ugly, I love, only this tire.

So for 2013 I promised myself I was going to cut her hair. And cut. And it was like an injection of self esteem! It had been years since I felt so beautiful and confident, and began to feel “I” again, like when I was already wearing short hair. No way, hair influences but in your mood, and mine has changed radically since I cut. It was like the story of Samson and Delilah, only in reverse, because cutting hair gave me even more strength hahahaha. But of course, as I said earlier, it was not an impulse decision. It had been a long time that I wanted to cut, but was waiting for the right moment, the moment that after I left the hall would not want to stick the hair again kkkkkk.

Chanel chose because I was always in love with this cut, and even when he wanted the big hair, yet part of me dreaming of the chanel. Radicalizei but still calmly. In the first week of January cut in the neck, but at the shoulders. And I thought three months after cutting more, and then make Chanel same, except I did not expect that he would grow so fast! Then, a month later, aka yesterday, I decided to cut again! I was inspired by a court that always liked, which is the chanel Katie Holmes, and fell in love for real! Below the before, during and after, with my final cut!

I hope this post will serve as an inspiration for many girls who have the will to cut hair but not have the courage. A lot of people call me courageous, because you have to have the courage even to do that. Hair is a sensitive area of ​​women, it is difficult to not care about him. As much as you do not call a lot, do not go to lounge and just arrange for special occasions, I doubt that at least one day of your life you do not wake up angry with him and wanting to change everything! And it’s so good to change, let go! Hair grows, and cut the hair cut can mean a lot of bad things in your life as well. At least for me meant a lot! I’m very well and living a new phase of my life, a phase I always wanted to live, and my hair is a reflection of that. I’m really happy! And I hope you have the courage to also change, change for the better, the hair, the clothes, the attitudes, at last!