Lauren Conrad: Black Eyeliner

If there’s one thing the it-girl Lauren Conrad understands well is makeup. The blonde is considered an icon of fashion and beauty and that is followed by thousands of women from around the world. And she never disappoints, always parading a visual flawless and radiant, without losing that stripped of Californian girl. On the day the preference is for more discrete, with makes skin light and elongated lashes, when you cross the red carpet the former member of the reality show “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” leverages to loosen the imagination and perfect in more elaborate makeup. more… Lauren Conrad: Black Eyeliner

Intimrasur, Naked Beauty

Sprawl? No thanks! The intimrasur becomes self-evident for more and more women. Tips and tricks, so that everything shines smoothly in the bikinizone, there is here!

Wild growing pubic hair in the intimate area are now an absolute no-go for many women. In order to get rid of the annoying hairs or to put into shape, some are reaching for epilators and wax. For most women, however, intimacy is the best choice to curb their pubic hair – not least because shaving is the most cost-effective and fastest method.What are the reasons for an intimate razor and what can be done with the razor in the bikini zone? more… Intimrasur, Naked Beauty

You Should Answer these 30 Beauty Questions with 30

Which hairstyle suits me, what is the perfect Foundation tone for my skin color? There are questions from the world of beauty, you should answer that with 30. more… You Should Answer these 30 Beauty Questions with 30

Different Kinds of Hairstyles

Bob, lob and similar cuts are becoming more frequent. What are the Italian celebrities who have decided to follow the fashion and have made a clean break with their hairstyle?

Long hair? No thanks! During the past year and the first half of this in 2015 there was the spotlight of medium length cuts but mostly short, then even more now in summer. The famous lob of Emma Stone and the short hair trends or medium short conquered all, even the Italian celebrities who have not spared under the scissors of the hairdresser. what are those giving a cut to their hair to adapt to the trend this year?

more… Different Kinds of Hairstyles

Tips for Prang in Blush

The BLUSH is a super ally and makes a lot of difference in time for makeup, that we know. But who’s not afraid of making mistakes in time to spend? For experts, it is not necessary to do drama or stop using this produtinho by fear. The essential tip is try it! Just testing you will have the certainty and security of what’s best for your face. I separated some tips to give a “help” at the time of the make-up, come on? more… Tips for Prang in Blush

Piercing in the Smile

Also known as brake piercing, piercing the smile is located in the thin layer of skin that is the brake, turning the upper lip to the gum.

The piercing in the smile has become quite popular enters the youth and how any such procedure involves some risk and care.

So, before your smiley piercing, learn about the risks, the proper care and if it’s going to hurt. more… Piercing in the Smile

Test: Which Outlined Combines More with You?

You are one of those who don’t leave home without a delineated in the eye and has lost accounts of how many times attended tutorials on the internet to learn a new style? But as for everything, there is one trait that most matches your personality, and maybe that’s what you think! Curious? Take the test and find out the outlined ideal for you! more… Test: Which Outlined Combines More with You?

Shopping in Orlando and Miami

This post is pretty much the most anticipated in recent days kkkk Jeez people who likes to do some shopping heimmmm (I’m in kkk), was already so I have posted, but with the run I couldn’t post before, you’ve seen right! So I made a video showing all the comprytchas and giving shopping tips, so you can see all the details. I counted the value of all products and the store where I bought it. more… Shopping in Orlando and Miami

Sexy Plus Size Clothing of Gala Rachmilevitch

In the first part of our blog posts, you have met already Gala Rachmilevitch. Now the second part of Gala’s story.

“When I was 20, I decided: I will change the world – how naive of me.” No other woman should suffer due to their weight.Thickness children should be happy children and grow up to be fat teenagers and self-confident women. Women can do and be what they want. Even though I had lost my childhood, I didn’t want that others have the same experience. Everyone should know that he or she is fantastic and impressive, even though he or she is thick. Everyone should know that he or she can be anything and do. The weight determines not who is, for example, Mrs. Since the Israeli fashion industry did not accept me, I created a new fashion industry. I built up a fashion world i.e. people who were thick, large or small – for people who were “not good enough”, or as they say “ugly”. I fought with the media, so that published article with plus size models and “real” women. I struggled with Fashion designers to dress sizes. I had success. The new fashion industry is a reality. Now I’m buyer, fashion consultant, personal stylist, stylist for magazines and journalist of many magazines. Also my own styling , I founded Academy. more… Sexy Plus Size Clothing of Gala Rachmilevitch

Long Red Elegant Prom Beautiful Dresses with Lace

Soon the graduation season arrives, and the long red graduation dresses with lace can be an elegant option for many women. But in this phase of choices, there is no way, many doubts arise, and many women are in crisis because they do not know what to do. more… Long Red Elegant Prom Beautiful Dresses with Lace