Natural Care: Winter Skin

It is no longer a secret that the skin needs special care in winter. For those who like naturalness, these beauty tips can protect and nurture their skin – and with perfect helpers from nature.

The decreasing temperatures are responsible for the fact that the skin’s protective coat is less stable than in the summer. The slowed production of tallow causes the skin to dry out faster, cracked and brittle. Especially the face and hands need the intensive care to look pink and healthy. And if you use natural products, you can quickly stabilize the protective coat and do something good for your skin. more… Natural Care: Winter Skin

Beauty Workshop in Alverde Blogger Event

In August, Alverde invited us to the blogger event in Karlsruhe to present the new products from the standard range. For me as a Karlsruherin it was very pleasant to visit an event without a long journey. So there was still enough time with some girls in advance to go through the city and make us a comfortable afternoon. I was very excited about what to expect at the event and I have to say Alverde has offered a really great program here! more… Beauty Workshop in Alverde Blogger Event

Makeup Ideas for Halloween

… can be only by NIVEA , or? It is also so. The NIVEA Blogger team has me with a small broadcast* surprised in the cute cosmetics bag, a miniature can of NIVEA cream and puts the NIVEA Q10 plus ANTI WRINKLE colour correction. The request to grant a look in my handbag was connected to. more… Makeup Ideas for Halloween

How to Improve Your Appearance in 10 Steps

1-you need to show the changes you really want in your appearance. See with a streamlined body, healthier since the hair down to the majestic posture. These changes in appearance are realistic and attainable. Stay away from goals that you will never achieve.
Don’t compare yourself with someone you saw on television or movie screen or on the cover of a magazine. The ideal is to accept your uniqueness and capitalize on it.

more… How to Improve Your Appearance in 10 Steps

Skin Dryness of Your Elbows

Happened you ever, do not you realized that you had your elbows skin dry, scaly and cracked. This discomfort is commonly known as alligator skin, is uncomfortable and embarrassing. more… Skin Dryness of Your Elbows

Anti Aging Creams Based on Age

At what age should we start using anti-aging creams? We made ​​this question a thousand times, but we still can not find an answer! The truth is that we prefer to push the issue, but do not you think it’s time to face reality once and for all? There’s one important thing to know: the skin aging process starts already after 20 years . Nothing alarmism, the skin is still toned and relaxed, but it is best to start using right now of anti-aging creams that idratino deeply the skin and help to prevent the first signs of aging.

more… Anti Aging Creams Based on Age

ISDIN Oats Envelopes

When I need an extra for my skin because I see it myself dry and scaly I prepare an oatmeal bath, I use the ISDIN porridge sachets, they are a fine powder which dissolve in water, help relieve the itching (itching in the skin) and irritation and improve the eczema. There remain twenty minutes in the water and after the bath there is dry skin without rubbing to not drag the protective layer that forms. more… ISDIN Oats Envelopes

Tonique Confort Lancome

Today I present the tonic that I’m using now, which I quite like. It is of the Tonique Confort, a tonic moisturizing with a thick texture, halfway between the liquid and gel, which leaves very elastic skin. more… Tonique Confort Lancome

Professional Beauty Products

Christmas is coming and you do not know what to regale his mother, her friends or colleagues in the office? Do not worry, I have the right idea for you. Have you ever heard the line Beautician cynical? Let me explain who he is and what it is. Behind the cynical Beauty hides Cristina Fogazzi, a real beautician who has his center of Milan, in Piazza Buonarroti 32. more… Professional Beauty Products

Makeup for Black Skin-Tips

What kind of woman resists a makeup well feitinha that only enhance your beauty? But it is very important to choose the right makeup for your skin type, tone. Because rather than emphasize your beauty, it will only draw attention to points that obviously you don’t want to show. Black skin requires care, because there is many shades of skin, the makeup vary a little, especially in the preparation of the skin before the rest. With this we will see some tips for preparing for black skin, the best makeup for you work always, and without th e submit in makeup. more… Makeup for Black Skin-Tips