Nyfw: Colored Lipstick to False Eyelashes

Fashion week is always that crazy: bloggers and celebrities giving paints in parades, a battalion of photographers in search of the perfect click streetstyle and the models running between a casting and one for the runway show. Fashion season autumn-winter of 2016-2017 of New York could not be different. While the frigid cold and snow froze the fashionistas, we brought together the highlights from the catwalks in terms of beauty for you know everything that happened there. more… Nyfw: Colored Lipstick to False Eyelashes


Since all beauty topics are definitely coming up short, I thought it was about time I shared a fall look with you (before the whole outfit goes online). Of course, I’ll talk a bit about the products I used too. more… Beauty

The Worst Makeup from Celebrities

It’s no use, make is one thing, if you’re not perfect, can pay the mico of the century. Today we’ll show you the worst makeup from 2014 the famous.

What brings comfort is knowing that we are not just us mere humans, we made these catastrophic mistakes. On the contrary, several celebrities have screwed up badly in make or have not learned how to combine a look very well.

more… The Worst Makeup from Celebrities

B Fnky Natural Cosmetics

Endspurt at our ADVENTION Advent Calendar! The penultimate door opens with me and I have a great Christmas set from the Hamburg natural cosmetics company B FNKY! For you, consisting of two care products, a perfume and a tea specially created for the Christmas sets.

more… B Fnky Natural Cosmetics

Contouring Brush By SLA Paris

Advertising for brush lovers

The raffle has ended. The winners are red Lily and Sabienes. more… Contouring Brush By SLA Paris

New Perfumes in the Name of the Rose

For the current “Miss Dior” campaign lets director Sofia Coppola in her video Natalie Portman dancing in a flowering garden.

Floral perfumes are among the most popular compositions among the feminine women’s fragrances and star of the floral fragrance range is the rose. This spring the perfumers of the big fashion houses give a lush bouquet of new, zesty fragrance compositions us freshly flowered. These new interpretations and editions of already well-known and prominent nose. In elegant bottles, the Queen of flowers can be how, already in the 7th century BC, the Greek poetess Sappho sang the rose, celebrating all the fragrant facets. more… New Perfumes in the Name of the Rose

Professional Beauty Products

Christmas is coming and you do not know what to regale his mother, her friends or colleagues in the office? Do not worry, I have the right idea for you. Have you ever heard the line Beautician cynical? Let me explain who he is and what it is. Behind the cynical Beauty hides Cristina Fogazzi, a real beautician who has his center of Milan, in Piazza Buonarroti 32. more… Professional Beauty Products

Beauty Products for Pregnant Women

The Creams And Substances That You Should Avoid

I’m pregnant! Can I continue to use my usual creams?

This is a question that plagues many women and not just in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

Also part of the Group of pregnant women who have fears at this level, learn what the experts recommended in this area. more… Beauty Products for Pregnant Women

Vintage Inspired Cosmetics

Today I came to talk about the Bésame cosmetics, a brand of makeup all vintage-inspired style and with all the glamour of the 40.

The founder of the brand is Gabriela Hernandez, who wanted to bring back art and romance for the cosmetic industry. She created a line that is rich in details and States that your inspiration for this was the combination of your background in art and design, a love of femininity and fond memories of your glamorous grandmother. more… Vintage Inspired Cosmetics

Zoeva Makeup Brushes Review

When you think of makeup brushes, which is one of the names that more will buzzes in your head? Zoeva! An absolute certainty in this sector.

Zoeva is a German brand was born in 2008 and now famous on the net and elsewhere, part of its popularity is linked to the world of Youtube and Beauty Blog, but today the brand is very well known outside environment.

more… Zoeva Makeup Brushes Review