Hair Removal Methods for Women in Comparison

Now that the temperatures rise and we can finally slip into our favorite dresses, we also want to know which hair removal methods in comparison makes the race. The goal: to get smooth legs without the hells.

Which hair removal methods are the best in comparison?Here you will find the possibilities for the home and the expert. more… Hair Removal Methods for Women in Comparison

Crystalift: New Machine Dermabrasion Home

Many of the gadgets that began being somewhat exclusive beauty salons almost always have resulted in our homes. Sooner or later early, waxing machines, massage and even laser machines just available for use in our home with total comfort and optimal results. The latest novelty in terms of beauty machines for use in our home is this dermabrasion machine. more… Crystalift: New Machine Dermabrasion Home

Space Beauty on Jezebel Beauty, The Corner of Natural Cosmetics with Weleda

Today we bring you a very interesting proposal, especially for those who, like me, you are declared fans of natural cosmetics and a brand such as Weleda.

Jezebel beauty will have from now on with a commercial space called Natural beauty space, this space will be completely independent of our usual content and it will address issues related to the natural cosmetics in general and tips that help us look much more beautiful and healthy. more… Space Beauty on Jezebel Beauty, The Corner of Natural Cosmetics with Weleda

Do You Think That The BB Cream Will Be a Fashion Fad?

BB Cream CC Cream, creams turn…and we can continue on with a litany of names that we can find to define this type of cosmetics that in the last year have become a cosmetic revelation. more… Do You Think That The BB Cream Will Be a Fashion Fad?

Faby Nail Polish Review

Fashion and beauty mingle together and grow together, evolve and make history. So it is no coincidence that a trademark modern and innovative as Genny chose Faby Line to create the look of nails spring summer 2016 fashion show.

The Genny 2016 show was notable for a triumph of glare and glamor of Art Deco-inspired details, a refined style and sophisticated, always modern. Strict geometric lines combine with extremely feminine elements in which precious fabrics tell the story of a woman strong and bewitching. more… Faby Nail Polish Review

How to Pass-Concealer Tips

Who doesn’t want to have a flawless skin, with a stunning makeup that disguise any imperfections of the skin with a natural result. This is the wish of many women, especially those who like a lot of makeup and always be beautiful. For a nice makeup, it takes the use of many different products, because one complements the other. One of them, you can’t miss on any production is the concealer. However, there are still many doubts in relation to the application. With that, here are some tips on how to pass concealer correctly and very simple. more… How to Pass-Concealer Tips

Belle Satin for Eudora-Collection

The Eudora is one of the brands belonging to the apothecary who makes a huge success. It was released in the year of 2011 and today one of the darlings of the women. Has in addition to the direct sales method through catalogs, the virtual store and physical stores. Thought on modern woman was that the brand was created, having these women as inspiration for each product that already spend of 600, including makeup, perfumes, accessories, hair, bath, body and others. Always bringing news, Eudora has launched your spring/summer collection. The following is more information about the collection Satin for Eudora Belle. more… Belle Satin for Eudora-Collection

Colorful Makeup – How To Do And Videos

Much is said about makeup and neutral practices that are good for any type of occasion that when you ask a mega production in women choosing colors look more neutral at the time of production. With so many makeup as your eyes marked with more neutral colors many women are afraid to risk the colors in the eye, and opt for color in the mouth or even don’t use color and end up choosing the eye marked with black. Sometimes it’s very nice to do that make wildcard, but often innovate too, is good. With that, here’s how to do makeup for the occasions that can look devastating. more… Colorful Makeup – How To Do And Videos

Micelle-Water What Is and Benefits

The world of cosmetics is increasingly extensive, and every day there is a new product on the market. As proof of this are the BB, CC, DD Cream, the primes, Illuminators and others that we didn’t know, but now they can’t do at all in our production. Something that the beauty industry has invested are some of the products that make our life, that is, that kind of cosmetic that has several functions and that everyone loves, because they are very practical. With this meet the water micelle, one of those products that make it easy enough.

What is water Micelle

Water Micelle or Micelle Solution is nothing more than a product that is very similar to a makeup remover, however is much lighter. And which in addition to clean the face tones, but neither is a tonic, it’s like a portmanteau of the two products. more… Micelle-Water What Is and Benefits

Natural Charm Of The Impala-Summer Collection

Impala is a brazilian brand of nail polish that belong to Ii Personal Care. Mundial has products, lines and brands of hair care, hands, feet, face, and it is not restricted only to women, not for men and teenagers have also. But when talking about the care and beauty of the hands of Brazilian women can talk not only of the world, but the Impala, which every year brings a lot of news in the world of glazes. And with the approach of summer, the Impala has launched a new collection, the Natural charm. The following is more information about this collection, and check out the details.

Summer collection Natural charm Impala

The new collection of enamels Impala brings five new colors inspired by the tropical climate of Brazil. Altogether there are four creamy glaze and a Pearl, here’s more about each one of them. more… Natural Charm Of The Impala-Summer Collection