Tricks for Perfect Lipstick

You know those three, four lipsticks that have scattered on the bottom of your purse? Retrieve it: it’s time to take advantage of them. Because all we buy and buy back lipsticks that we worship, we have so many that sometimes we lose them and then find them somewhere and start to love them as if for the first time. more… Tricks for Perfect Lipstick

How Do You Know What Lipstick Suits You

The lipstick is not only color, but also technology and performance. Want to know more? Take our alphabet dedicated to make-up the most loved by the girls
The lipstick is the make-up cult of all women: a recent survey of AstraRicerche ruled that uses 92% of the Italian. “Lipstick is a real seductive weapon to please the partner and to feel more sexy,” says Lisa Eldridge, artistic director of Lancôme make-up, which is working on the creation of 60 new shades. “A lipstick is able to reflect the personality of the outfit even more: the secret is to find the right shade and able to apply it to real pro. And not just about trends, which in the end are always the same, but the moods, feelings. The trend is changing because the technology is able to create products with higher performance formulas, bright, reflective pigments, durability and extreme smoothness. A kiss-proof, in short. ” more… How Do You Know What Lipstick Suits You

You Should Answer these 30 Beauty Questions with 30

Which hairstyle suits me, what is the perfect Foundation tone for my skin color? There are questions from the world of beauty, you should answer that with 30. more… You Should Answer these 30 Beauty Questions with 30

The Mac Lipstick

All the features of the different finish lipsticks Mac, to navigate the desired texture and opacity! Here are the differences.

If all we know the finish of classic lipsticks, satin, matte, bright, is not as easy to navigate in the world of Mac lipsticks, in which we find many more effects for the lips.

The Mac lipsticks line mainly includes 8 types of finish, each with different characteristics.

Let’s see them in detail.

more… The Mac Lipstick

The Mac Viva Glam Rihanna

“I’m the girl M · The · C!” This provocative slogan heralded the first VIVA GLAM – face the drag icon RuPaul, resplendent in red corset and leather boots. The legendary campaign that would see many stars and different styles over the years, but that would always hold in your heart that same spirit of irreverence, outrageous style and an irrepressible love for life. more… The Mac Viva Glam Rihanna

Dos and Don’ts in Red Lipstick

Are the classic among the lipsticks always, right? We tell you what to look for, if you wear red lipstick

Also model Kendall Jenner is the lipstick classics as often as you can.

more… Dos and Don’ts in Red Lipstick

Eye and Lip Makeup Trends

Here’s what the eye and lip makeup trends for autumn winter 2014. As always the trends that come out are two, on the one hand the nude makeup that enhances the younger skins, on the other hand, the most striking trend of warm colors that put spotlight on look.

more… Eye and Lip Makeup Trends

The Matte Lip the MAC-New Collection and Where to Buy

In an era when the opaque is the effect of time, makeup with matte result has shown much success. Are shadows, lipsticks, foundations, among other makeups that offer that feeling good and high coverage with the velvety effect and very crisp. Many brands are launching their products in this fashion, which won enough space. Among the Favorites of women are both lipsticks that are colors that are being converted to that effect. And the MAC one of the major brands of makeup could not be left out, and will launch a collection only of matte lipsticks. The following is more information about the newest MAC collection The Matte Lip. more… The Matte Lip the MAC-New Collection and Where to Buy

Lipsticks Impala Maximum Coverage-Collection And Where To Buy

Impala is a brand that belongs to the company name in national territory, Mundial Personal Care. As the name of the company, produces products people care. The Impala by itself is well known for the nails care products, like acetone Nail Polish and the like. However recently launched a line of makeup, where we can find skin care products, face and lips among others. Among the products launched in makeup line of Impala, which already spend of 100, are the lipsticks. In the area of products for lips’s latest collection, the Impala maximum coverage, with some of the most used colours at the moment. See below for more information on this collection of lipsticks Impala, see colors and where to find it. more… Lipsticks Impala Maximum Coverage-Collection And Where To Buy

Velvetines of Lime Crime-Liquid Lipsticks

Lime Crime Make Up is an American cosmetics company that began in Los Angeles, California through the dream of your founder. DOE Deere is a woman who believes that makeup is not only correct imperfections, but also that he must have colors, and colors you want, vivid colors and strong. And it was with a few bucks that she started. Today managed to perform your dream, and launched your brand. One of the biggest hits of Lime Crime are liquid lipsticks, which make fame down here in Brazil, with it we will know more about the Velvetines of Lime Crime.

Velvetines Liquid Lipsticks of Lime Crime-Lipsticks more… Velvetines of Lime Crime-Liquid Lipsticks