Pay Attention to these Characteristics

Which hairstyle suits me? A question that some women may spend weeks, if not their whole lives. There are crucial basic questions.

Which hairstyle suits me? This depends on many different factors and therefore there are no simple rules that apply to all. Every person is individual – that’s why every haircut looks different to every woman. more… Pay Attention to these Characteristics

Hairstyle Ideas for Wedding Day

What hairstyle you choose for a wedding? Here are some tips for witnesses, which on this occasion are not simple guests but are extremely relevant. And above all they must stay in the spotlight. The first tip is to combine the hairstyle to suit your choice.

Be best man has a very important role and requires a particular look, elegant and simple at the same time. In principle the occasion calls for a harvest that is the classic chignon or something a little more modern. How to choose? Obviously depending on your dress. more… Hairstyle Ideas for Wedding Day

Kourtney Kardashian in Beauty Talk

Why Kourtney Kardashian smells like Crème Brulée and needs only 30 minutes in the bathroom: we have looked at the Socialite in the beauty bag. more… Kourtney Kardashian in Beauty Talk

Round Face Haircuts

Haircut Tips for Round Face and Pictures of Types of Cuts

Variety of cuts for round face-Haircuts besides having the gift of highlighting the female charm have the power to hide what we do not want to show.Each type of face and hair requires a different cut shape. more… Round Face Haircuts

Shampoo for Fine Hair

Where to Buy, Price and Best Shampoo Brands for Fine Hair

Each person has their hair type all types of hair has their specialized shampoos, the hair thinning shampoo is one of the best selling, fine hair are one of the best types because it is little volume, easy to comb among other quality, here you will see the best brands of Shampoo for fine hair where to buy and prices. more… Shampoo for Fine Hair

Style Icons over 50, We Learn from Them

Not you are so real cool youngster, but the women who can draw on a wealth of experience. Our stars and bloggers know how it styles itself. more… Style Icons over 50, We Learn from Them

The Wrong Mascot and the Best Frise

The mascot has a namesake in the sex shop, CESC Fabregas rocks Snapchat and the range of merchandise meets even the most absurd request. The large EM style check.

The official UEFA song “this one’s For You” by DJ ferret David Guetta and Zara Larsson is a funfair Yodel, which immediately the tribaltatowierte calf makes also experienced bumper cars at Schubsern. And the unofficial “Everyone for everyone” by Felix Jahn and Herbert Gronemeyer shocks with emo-Elektro-Schaurigkeit and lines like “Hhhes is Hhhreste of doubt / that your heart only the Atttm who feels alleiiiine is durchwuhln/but eeees”and a verstimmend calculated Umhalse climax:”The Beeeeeben that is called Leeeeben”.Phew!

The most beautiful EM-song comes from the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, not a nice Atschebatsch us yet no matter sing along bestowing the EM Scots participating in a new commercial. Kilt carrier, cows, a pop idol winner, types of Brave heart and the Loch Ness monster by hazy Highlands marching to the tune of fat Les soccer song Krachers “Vindaloo” and sing to salty Gedudelsacke: “Scotland won’t be there/do you think we really care?”, then collectively to whip out the Smart phones and to set a European Championship defeat of arch-rivals England.That’s the spirit, mates. more… The Wrong Mascot and the Best Frise

World Cup Puts the Summer Hairstyles

The most important thing is still to have a hairstyle that fits you and your style. However, some trends can we see for 2006.
As usual, it is what is happening around us influencing fashion and is an extra focus on sport and society. more… World Cup Puts the Summer Hairstyles

Female Pattern Baldness, Hairstyle for Pregnancy

The female pattern baldness (alopecia) is one of the biggest concerns of women, because it affects their self-esteem. It is a disorder that occurs mostly in men, hair loss is directly linked to male hormones, especially testosterone.

Women also produce such hormone, however is a much smaller amount. And it is for this reason that, in the cases of baldness are rarer and the loss, less drastic. more… Female Pattern Baldness, Hairstyle for Pregnancy

Beauty Workshop in Alverde Blogger Event

In August, Alverde invited us to the blogger event in Karlsruhe to present the new products from the standard range. For me as a Karlsruherin it was very pleasant to visit an event without a long journey. So there was still enough time with some girls in advance to go through the city and make us a comfortable afternoon. I was very excited about what to expect at the event and I have to say Alverde has offered a really great program here! more… Beauty Workshop in Alverde Blogger Event