Female Pattern Baldness, Hairstyle for Pregnancy

The female pattern baldness (alopecia) is one of the biggest concerns of women, because it affects their self-esteem. It is a disorder that occurs mostly in men, hair loss is directly linked to male hormones, especially testosterone.

Women also produce such hormone, however is a much smaller amount. And it is for this reason that, in the cases of baldness are rarer and the loss, less drastic. more… Female Pattern Baldness, Hairstyle for Pregnancy

Beauty Workshop in Alverde Blogger Event

In August, Alverde invited us to the blogger event in Karlsruhe to present the new products from the standard range. For me as a Karlsruherin it was very pleasant to visit an event without a long journey. So there was still enough time with some girls in advance to go through the city and make us a comfortable afternoon. I was very excited about what to expect at the event and I have to say Alverde has offered a really great program here! more… Beauty Workshop in Alverde Blogger Event

Long Hairstyles Guide for Girls

Stoves the usual ponytail? That’s a lot of new hairstyles for long hair according to the trend Fall 2015!

Stoves the usual ponytail? If you have long hair and try new ideas for hairstyles a little ‘different from the usual, in this article you will find so many hair long hairstyles for fall 2015!

Crop, crop seeds, hairstyles with braids and hairstyles for smooth, moves and curly. Be inspired by the beautiful pictures and the hair look that we have chosen for you! more… Long Hairstyles Guide for Girls

Latest Trends in Hairstyles

When we think of the chignon, the first thing that comes to mind are the precise and neat hairstyles of ballet dancers, but over the years this hairstyle so elegant and graceful suffered a great evolution.

more… Latest Trends in Hairstyles

Romantic Hairstyle DIY

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so I thought I’d show you how to make a romantic hairstyle suited precisely for this festival and maybe even other occasions or special evenings, between lovers, or to make someone fall in love.

more… Romantic Hairstyle DIY

Short Curly Hair Fashion

After the proposals of curly hairstyles long for the ‘summer 2012, we offer you today those for short curly hair.

If your curls are very short, but not least rebels do not worry, you can sbizzaririvi with many new trendy and original.

more… Short Curly Hair Fashion

Get Five Batches of Products with Jezebel Beauty Shampoo to The Date of The Desert

We started the week with a very special contest where we reward your unconditional loyalty. This week we do it full of beauty in the hand of Klorane and repairing hair care range to the Date of the desert, to nourish and repair damaged, dry or brittle hair. more… Get Five Batches of Products with Jezebel Beauty Shampoo to The Date of The Desert

Victoria Beckham Changes of Look and Is The Short Hair!

Coincidence or strategy? His collection at the New York fashion week (that soon I will show) and will be available in stores from February, It has been fairly well received by critics and the public , Although the truth, they are more of the same, so you need not divert attention, so I say to the hairdressers in half the world, with this crisis, the be gently encouraged to renew their look that his legion of followers, not-so-anonymous and anonymous, go behind it. more… Victoria Beckham Changes of Look and Is The Short Hair!

Hair Scrub-Benefits And How To Make

Who doesn’t want the beautiful hair, long, strong, healthy and full of life, besides well hydrated. This is the dream of every woman, in fact most, but having the hair with a good appearance is the desire of all. There are many treatments that can provide these results, among many timelines, moisturizing, and other products. One option for achieving the dream hair simple and without difficulty is exfoliation. Check out below how to do and what benefits it offers.

Capillary Exfoliation Benefits

Capillary exfoliation benefits brings the wires are many, among them we can mention the following: more… Hair Scrub-Benefits And How To Make

How To Match Your Clothes With The – Models And Hair Tips

Hair as well as shades and styles of clothes must be combined with the rest of the look for harmony as a whole. But, there are many questions of how to combine, and the need to combine the two. It’s not something extremely necessary, but it’s always good to look all talk to each other, and that includes your hair and all its areas such as, for example, color, length, type hairstyle among others. And to remedy any doubts, here are some tips on how to match the hair of the outfit.

Models Combining clothes with Hair

The following is how the colors contrast with the hair. If you get inspired and learn highlighting their good points. more… How To Match Your Clothes With The – Models And Hair Tips