Homemade Exfoliation Tips for Oily Skin

Tips on how to do a home scrub for anyone who has oily skin

How about learning a homemade scrub recipe for oily skin. This recipe is a cheap and will help make your skin even more beautiful. Oily skin tends to facilitate the appearance of blackheads and pimples, to escape from this a good home skin cleansing should solve your problem. The homemade scrub recipe for oily skin is simple to prepare and with ingredients you certainly should have at home. Homemade exfoliation in oily skins should be done at least once a week, the result is very good and in the first application it is possible to perceive a positive result. more… Homemade Exfoliation Tips for Oily Skin

Tips to Hide Imperfections in the Face

A well made makeup provides good appearance to the skin, but also can mask some of the imperfections in the face.

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The 6 Best Makeup Bases

If you are looking for the best makeup base, in our selection you will find the best products on the market. We have included models of different brands, for different skin types and with varied objectives, so that you can choose the product that best suits what you are looking for. more… The 6 Best Makeup Bases

Professional Beauty Products

Christmas is coming and you do not know what to regale his mother, her friends or colleagues in the office? Do not worry, I have the right idea for you. Have you ever heard the line Beautician cynical? Let me explain who he is and what it is. Behind the cynical Beauty hides Cristina Fogazzi, a real beautician who has his center of Milan, in Piazza Buonarroti 32. more… Professional Beauty Products

Green Clay Facial-How-to and Video

Green Clay in skin cleaning to let her beautiful, soft and gentle looking, not to mention the feeling that there is no better. And even if you wash your face every day with a specific product, it takes in a time interval a facial. There are many types of cleaning by, and each with the if done and effectiveness. To make a facial, we can even a beautician, beauty salon and the like, but if the money is short, we can even do at home. With that, here’s how to make a facial using green clay. Follow the step by step and see how is quite simple.


How Do facial with Green Clay

Nothing better than having the skin clean, soft and beautiful isn’t it. And for that, we can do many things, including the facial. Among the types of facial, include many ingredients and products are being used, and one that is very common is the clay. more… Green Clay Facial-How-to and Video

Barbie Vintage Fenzza-New Collection

The fenzza is a brand of cosmetics aimed at producing rows of lipsticks, mascara, shadows, among other items of makeup with affordable prices, that without leaving quality aside. Innovate in each release is the fenzza win more consumers faithful each day. One of the latest releases of the brand that has captured many people was the barbie line, which was launched at beauty fair 2013, and how innovation is very present in the vocabulary of the entire staff of the company the fenzza brought a new collection, vintage barbie. The following is more information about this news that made a lot of people excited. more… Barbie Vintage Fenzza-New Collection

Different Types of Facial Serums

There are serums that stimulate cell renewal, those that have a firming effect and improve skin tone or those that strengthen the natural defenses of the skin and protect it from the visible signs of aging.

The serums are a blessing for the face: they are rich in active ingredients and, thanks to their very concentrated formulation, just a few drops to give skin a healthier and brighter look.

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How to Contour a Round Face Step by Step

You have a round face? Here are 7 beauty tip copied to celeb


You have a round face and believe that the only way to add dimension to the face both the contouring, you’re wrong! You just use make-up (blush & co) in the right way to achieve the same effect.

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Homemade Recipes to Remove Stains of the Face

Honey is an ingredient used in our food as to promote beauty.

Honey has many properties that are good for our skin.

It moisturizes, cleans, makes a natural exfoliation on the skin in addition to combat acne and blemishes.

It has been used in Egyptian and Greek cultures in cosmetics to a young face and hydrated.

See also: homemade Smoothing with powdered milk and honey

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Facial for Her Face to Be Beautiful


The woman wants to feel beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, perfect every day. For this use of trickery to get what you want. The cosmetics factory grew and when it comes to aesthetics, the labour market has increased, forming professionals able and capable of performing any of the procedures. The face of the woman tends to be sensitive because of the overuse of makeup, sun exposure, and creams are not suitable. Is where the facial.

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