Carnival Makeup: Avatar

Carnival approaches, and from Sweeping you are giving ideas to create a great look. Now, since paint to grave have compiled several videos of makeup. I’ll stick with this, Avatar costume.

To start, White makeup base. Face and neck. With a brush (Petrilude has used Skunk brush), make circles to apply a powder mauves. To enlarge the nose as the protagonists of the film, from the side of the nose to the tear, work with a medium with a brush shadow blue.

With a brush smaller now, small curves and lines like of veins and markings for the face. The face will be almost like a sheet drawn by a child. Color, a more intense mauve. With another brush, pad, fill in those lines of color.

With a White pencil, work on the eyes. We started with a line under the eye, generous. With a blue now more intense, to work low eyes, and in the Arch of the eyelid, to emphasize the eye.

To get the exact color tone, it has mixed three fluid make-up Fuchsia, blue and white. And as if his face were a canvas, have paint with a small brush. The nose, just the tip in Fuchsia – purple. A soft layer of makeup blue by whole face, so everything go mixing.

With a large brush, blue face, brightest, powders for the flashes and cover less blue areas. The result is shocking. A face in the purest style Avatar. To add the perfect touch, white spots on the sides of the nose, small stitches on the front also.

A wig straight long hair, and you’re ready!

If you have a moment, enjoy Petrilude website, amazing the make-up.