California Wicks: Inspired by the Pictures and Make Your

The beach is a visual look more stripped, half surfer who many women like. If you are of those who like to be always tanned and enjoy the coastal style, the California Wicks can be a good option. But what are the fuses? Basically, the tips of the hair is lighter than the rest of the hair.

See these tips and tricks to California Wicks before making their.

The California Wicks are a great alternative for those who want to change the look but don’t want something too radical. As the root of the hair, the part that is closest to the face, does not discolour, so change is not so sudden. It is also possible to vary the tonality of colour letting the color closest to the tone of your hair while the difference so far.

What is the difference between California Wicks, lights and ombré hair?


These 3 techniques of colouring can confuse the head of many people because not a bit alike. As stated above, the California Wicks are away from the root. Often the contrast of colors between the root and is usually higher compared to other techniques. The Wicks must be made from the nose down.

Here’s how to make California Wicks at home.


The lights are made from root to tips. Are ideal for women who really want to be Blondes, because the coloring covers virtually all the natural color of yarn. But you can start gradually, gradually, especially if your hair is dark to not give a contrast so great.

Lights for Brunettes? Here’s the step by step and learn how to make your own.

Ombré Hair

This technique is quite popular among the famous and can also be one of the more discreet. The Wicks are near the root and make a gradient effect to the tips. This way, next to the root there is so much color and as you go down to the wire, tom intensifies and remains more concentrated.

The benefits of this technique is that you do not need to go often to the salon to retouch the color very often since the root is in natural color. The same logic also applies to the California Wicks. Even Brunettes can do, just put a tone more akin to that of your hair.

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Below is the famous hair and bloggers with California Wicks and be inspired to make your own Wicks.