Bun Donut Hair Curly-How-to and Video

Just like everything in the world of fashion has its trends, the hair too. And trends can be according to what comes up on the catwalks, according to hits of seasons among many others. However, talking about hair trend is something very vague, because there are several topics that can be cited, such as color, cuts, hairstyles, and accessories. Among the hairstyles that are up, I have ever spent tendency to hit is the donut bun, which is the favorite of women. But we often see the coke made in straight hair, let’s learn how to make curly hair. Here’s how to do it.

How to make Bun Donut Hair Curly

Coke doughnut is nothing more than a castling which is so perfect that it looks like a doughnut. Has been the bet of the famous and celebrities in many events, for being a fairly democratic. In addition to being simple to make goes well the many occasions, from an afternoon at the Mall even for a wedding or an event so formal as.  It’s sure bet for the next stations on that will make enough heat, because Coke be loud and simple, freeing the neck of hair, so he can take a breather.


However many women who have curly hair you have doubt whether or not to do on your hair type, because it is a very hairstyle seen on straight hair. But to end all these doubts and fears know what is possible and that is as beautiful as in straight hair.



See below a video made by Rayza Nicácio, where she teaches not only do more Coke also make Donut that will aid in the